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The stupidest monster ever
I'd like to mention here to anyone that may not have noticed, once Shara Ishvalda takes enough damage in phase 2 to open its eyes, it will at all times be staring Directly at your Camera instead of your hunter.
Oh that's creepy. So It's pretty much looking at you?
Shara breaking the fourth wall. Makes the monster even more creepy. It knows your there.
It's actually a pretty clever polygon trick where the eyeball is just a orb floating in a spherical socket in its model, hence why it always looks like it's staring at you.
If your having trouble against Shara here are a few tips. Before leaving for the hunt eat a combination of Felyne Riser (Hi) and Felyne Cleats. Felyne Riser (Hi) gives more immunity frames when you are getting up after being hit by an attack and Felyne Cleats removes all movement penalties from terrain, this includes the Sand in this fight. Felyne Riser (Hi) can save you from the Vibration Cannon attack as long as you don't move once hit. When Shara starts charging up for the Vibration Spirit Bomb attack run to the sides of the arena or if your close enough to Shara. Shara in phase 1 can also be clutch clawed into a wall that drops boulders on it breaking a ton of parts. Always try to stay behind Shara in Phase 2 as most of its attacks can't hit you if your behind it. If your going for the head to try an brake it remember that you must brake it twice for the scalp to brake off and be careful of Shara's backward movement when its doing the Vibration Cannon if your near the head and don't move with it you can get sucked into the attack hitbox.
I find one of the biggest reason for failing big boss hunts comes down to crossfire. If you're solo you know that all the attacks are aimed at you (or the palico). In multiplayer there is no clear indicator and sometimes when they attack one person, someone else gets caught up in the attack while the target actually gets out of the way.
Here's my Guide on how to solo this in less than 30 minutes I use Ice Feathers (Dual Blade 11) And a random combination of rarity 12 Armors. You start by weakening the head twice and let it slam with the slingshot against the trap at the border of the arena. Use Might pill once you see the animation. Deal damage to the head and repeat this once it gets up. Then just deal normal damage to the weak parts. This will unleash the Ishvalda in less than 4 minutes. When she shoots the air beams you will always have a window of about 10s to deal huge damage. Try to break the head and 1 of its front legs. You can try to slingshot it to the 3 traps at the border of the arena, just make sure they don't get destroyed by her beams beforehand. Note: I use gobbler lv 3, stun res lv 3 health boost lv 3 Part breaker lv 2 and divine blessing lv 2 I solo this in less than 30 minutes. 20 minutes if I hit 2 of the 3 traps. My Def is 810 and my Blades are only Rarity 11. 9 out of 10 tries in multiplayer we fail this quest and I don't really know why.
What if You wanted to beat this monster? But God said: S A N D P O O L
The reason why you fight ruined nergigante before actually fighting Shara ishvalda is because ruiner has been stalking it but can’t kill it in rock mode which is why it comes back after the fight to get it.
It attacked Zorah Magdaros though... it’s nothing but rock.
Remember ruiner nergi is a veteran of combat probably realizes when it is at a disadvantage
Disappointing final boss. No harder than Xeno’jiiva was. Solo’d The entire Iceborne story and hardest fight I found was black veil Vaal Hazak.
Nobody cares, especially considering that is the*****tiest lie I've ever heard.
you had issues with blackveil? really? there's no shame in expressing your disappointment in a monster, but adding a bluff saying he was easier than blackveil is just absurd
bringing effluvia resistance is a must for both hazak and black hazak, im convinced the people complaining of the difficulty is because theyre running some dps only build
normal Xeno'jiiva is a huge joke, in terms of difficulty. you can literally be an annonying mosquito in IG to this boss and still beat it.
Beat him once for story but must have been lucky, haven't been able to beat him again since.
How'd you kill him last time? If you ended up soloing him then that's what you gotta do to grind him. I was forced to solo him using only the Velkhana bow with the Acidic Galvenus armor
He's easier in the story than in the optional quest. same with ruiner nergigante, the only non tempered monster that requires you to be at MR100
update: still can't solo him a second time
Zero fun
Didn't know ruin nergigante was gonna be before the everwrym, Ethier way didnt matter, soloed both without carting first try, only thing that surprised me was shara's wind sphere nova attack,
Ps, got lucky with the stun deco's ended up needing them otherwise I would maybe have carted once.
Weird flex, but ok.^^
yay u are the greatest gamer ever