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The RNG on the tenderplates is beyond ridiculous. I've killed this thing close to fifty times and gotten 2 tenderplates total. Breaking the head twice and everything, it just doesn't want to drop. It's already gotten to the point where I never want to see this monster ever again.
I agree, 3 fights in and 5 gems in my box like i even need more than two
Break the head twice to have a piece of it fall off. Carve that piece for tenderplates
You have to carve the piece that falls off after the second break on it's head.
I used clutch claw attacks to the head as my only source of damage and this thing died before the head broke twice. Ridiculous.
Try using Partbreaker 3. You should be able to break the head before it dies
I grappled most of the time to attack while it was in its rock form. During phase two, I went for the legs first since they seemed to break the fastest, and when you break one he falls over. That's when I did damage to the head. Thought I could cut the tail during my first run but ended up killing him before I could find out. Now I know that I could have broken the head twice. I used Velkhana's Greatsword.
This thing just feels awful man. First impressions were that this was not intended to be fought alone. A couple runs later the impression was that this guys a casino game. He can just chose to corner and destroy someone. Several days of farming later my impression is that this is the most pain in the ***, drug out, slog of a cluster***** they've put in. I hate this dragon....
I beat it second try, it’s really not that bad.
When it prepares the insta-kill, use your farcaster
The armors are off, the male armors are switched
no heals left no lives left just a tiny bit of health and a dumb palico beat this thing in 45min first try solo but gosh by the end it was tiring. Just thinking in my head GOTTA BEAT THIS FIRST TRY. whenever i second try anything it doesnt feel the same sooooo :3
Your cutesy wall of "humble" brag is a bit cringy, but I'm glad for you that you were able to sirvive long enough for your palico to kill it.



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My favorite monster not just by design, but by its badass secondary battle theme.
The noise it makes when it’s vibrating the ground it sounds haunting
When i first encountered this thing I thought a giant rock lion with hand wings? Alright then xD but when he suddenly broke out of his shell my *****ing god I was speechless! seeing those eerie appendages take form and shooting pressurised air beams was surreal definitely one of the best final bosses of 2019 love his armour too!
Its ok