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Hot take : Barioth is harder than this boss
I don't say this often, but that is the wrong take.
Also known as the wrong take
You’re even calling him a “boss”... this is Monster Hunter, there’s no such thing as a “boss”.
YALL BULLING A PERFECTLY LOVABLE MONSTER i can think of so many reasons why this monster is so amazing SO WHY ARE YOU EVEN PLAYING THIS GAME
If they didn't decide it to be a bullet sponge I would love it but nah
You say bullet sponge, but this is the final boss of Iceborn’s story. It has to be a long fight. The first time I fought Xeno took me so long I literally only had 3 seconds left before I beat it. I didn’t fight it again until much later when I needed parts of him and then I actually enjoyed it. Just fighting it once isn’t enough to make a definitive opinion on a monster. I’ve fought Shara over a dozen times now and its much easier, and more fun than the first time because the optional mission isn’t something you have to do to get further in the game. Takes me about 10 minutes to slay it now. Its fun for me so I’d revisit this beast if I were you.
issue is he does nothing for 90% of his life, and then when he's about to die, he goes rampage and you can't hit him anymore, this dragon lacks consistency in its gameplay design
Increasing difficulty is part of the hunt. It makes sense that a beast will become more ferocious when near death. Its still a game, but Capcom has put a lot of thought into how these monsters operate. Every monster in the game becomes more agressive before they die. Thats something to be expected from everything we hunt. Shara will grow on you more and more after every time you slay it.
wait i just realized Shara has no element lmao no earth element, or anything? fire, water, thunder, ice, and dragon, but no earth? bruh moment
aint no 6th elements, and if there's it's a hot red hair lady
I say the earth element is tremor
am i the only one struggling on his quest?
No, 4th time failed in a row xd
I can actually liken this monster to something straight outta darksouls. Which of course means I actually enjoy this fight; not because of anything in particular but because this all together culminates into an unnerving but difficult battle.
This thing looks amazing but in phase 3 it just goes all out creepy like it is staring into your soul looking at every one of your sins and actions and judging you...
Deadass almost cried when he woke up again after i killed him
First 90% of the fight: Nothing much *opens eyes* p r e p a r e f o r h e l l
It gets easier everytime to get the Tenderplate. Make sure I destroy the rock phase in 5 mins, then using lbg, slicing ammo, sticky ammo her face all the time, farcasting back and forth for a refill. 40 mins fight but worth it ;D
I watched and read too much about Shara Ishvalda, now I won't experience the same surprise when it stares into my soul. :(
Then why would you spoil such a thing for yourself?
"OMG I do not want any spoilers guys",
-> Reads spoilers

#Surprised Pikachu face
"Why did I read spoilers you guys???".

I dunno, I read it cause I wanted to find out more, so why did you want to find out more if you do not want spoilers duh?