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this was a final boss
odogaron with a pair of wings? abit dissapointed
Yeah! The only difference is "literally everything but the gnarly flesh"
I have zero idea how you came to this conclusion. They are nothing alike
Ishvalda seems just a deformation of "Ishvala/Ishvara", a term in Hindu meaning "lord" or "god" Fitting name.
Looks to me like it's using Gore skeleton. I could be mistaken tho
In what regard? If there’s any Elder similar to Gore it’s Nergigante
LOL Try fighting against it and say that. Theyre nothing alike... and not at all a reskin of Odogaron. Go sober up... First form alone is badass and not a reskin either...
When it's eyes open, it looks directly at the screen or camera, not the hunter.
Tenderplates (2 needed for those incredible arm pieces) can be acquired by breaking its head. As far as I know it's the only way to get them, and it seems to be a pretty low chance (I'm 1 for 6).
You have to break it twice, not just once, and it will sever his scalp, which is a guaranteed tenderplate or gem for each of two carves.
You have to break the head twice, not just once, and it will sever his scalp. The scalp has two carves guaranteed to be tenderplate or gem.
How do you fight this again? is it like xeno where it appears randomly for a few quests?
Yes. It will randomly appear.


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Just like with Xeno, just because you did your story quest, doesn't mean you can't do story quest with others. Search for SOS filter by Shara.
How can i get the skalp for the weapon? :/


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Break the head twice - and even then it's not guaranteed. You can probably plunderblade it, too, if you're comfortable with the fight.