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The icon needs to be fixed
The render needs to be fixed
Both are absolutely fine. Fix your PC, troll.
Both are absolutely fine. Fix your PC, troll.
The icons awsome
Ahh im already at zino and no info. Got to do the best i can do then
Really disappointed that almost every weapon gets proper designs but then cucks HH Swaxe and GS
Not my Switch axe too! :c
What are you talking about the Hunting Horn looks amazing!
Coolest Fight Yet! Going toe to toe with Zinogre using SA feels amazing. When he is super charged and he goes combo crazy, you can hit, hop, hit, hop each attack so easily. Seeing the evade mantles attack boost go off 6 times in a row while getting a hit between each one just feels so damn satisfying!
The Time that You see Green Scales on hem and Gold Yellow thunder you will see the true meaning of fear
If only they brought back the g rank armor........