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What a bunch of lies. The game will generate 1 set of events and maps and you will be stuck with that. And in a bland and characterless world to boot. Oh, so just go play with others, and explore their world you may be thinking? Too bad. The host will decide where to travel, and that will be the BS unfair boss he is stuck on. And communication with teammates sucks, to top it all off.
It's about as random as the map variety in Diablo 3. Who cares if a hallway slightly varies? Better to have a fun, thought out if static environment than this generic crap.
You can reset your compain and reshuffle the events you dumb***** moron.
here. upload your save data and you can see what things exist in your world. therefore rerolling until you get what you want. also they will add the adventure mode soon so dont worry to much.
sounds like someone has no actual friends to play with
Get good scrub, otherwise this isnt the game for you. Try fortnite or apex legends if you want to play a game for others who are bad at games
Since the OP and everyone else replying is Anyonymous, it makes it look as if the OP is speaking to himself xD
XD XD xd
Try Adventure mode, or just Restart nthe campaign, and stop talking *******.
Just Restart the story mode or go for the adventure mode and stop talking ****...
What happens when you fail a Random Event? Will it remain intact after respawning or will it lock you out because failed/died?
Nope, in the normal random events(not the dlc ones) at least the best Way the reset random events that u failed is dying the only event that this don't apply is the "Cult of the Root", So for exemple: if one of the Lizes died, kill yourself to reset the event.
i got a new event in earth where i fight a bunch of scavenger human and then got a boss who probably only happen for multiplayer, he give the choice to kill each other and if you didnt after the timer of 1 min you fight him. he drop a mod who is a explosive shot, idk what he give if we kill each other.
If you kill each other, the winner will get the "Backstab" trait. It basically is what is says. "Increase Backstab damage"
That event is about the Tootsie son, his the new Scavs boss, u need to have the Pocket Clock to gain the Bandit set from him
i have see a new random event whats not in the list here, i have found a relic, or a statue, some pillar where mud thooth can be, or the walling tree, u can put something in but i dont know what
nevermind its not a earth event, its a statue what can spawn random on each world for the laby set
your thinking of a different set from a diffrent world laby set i think is swamp not on earth last i looked


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there the bee hive where you have to kill the hives with out letting them touch you
Pls add Kralls baby quest with right and true information about if someone have. One tell need tell mother other no... one tell was ok and after patch bugged other no. Have someone true information about this quest?
So... 1 Dungeon Boss, 1 World Boss, and 1 Random Event? I still haven't got the Typewriter. No joke, I rerolled before and after dlcs including update patches. Fml
Try going on a few adventures on earth I got everything real quick with em taking like 30min
i've found a new random event (there is a pillar with a blue light)
That would be a dlc event
This is friggin' incomplete... How do we edit?