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very useful 10/10 came by this accidentaly
I need freedom2 armor and hammer back ;-;
Oh no they added big dumb back games com what are you doing
Can somebody fix the icon on the hinging horn?
"It is theorized that Yian Garuga might be the result of a Yian Kut-Ku and a Rathian crossbreeding" Please take this down. The whole Garuga = Kutku + Rathian is meme made by the community and not something that has been confirmed by official guides, except you have citation to support your claim.
honestly, at least make the lore make sense.
Having finally fought this thing in person and taking a detailed look at it, it definitely has a lot of rathian qualities in both mannerism and physiology. Its got the same kind of scale plating as rathians do and the tail is almost the same, just slightly spikier (it also has the poison in the tail). It also has a few techniques rathians use such as the tail flip and the triple fireball attack. Even if not directly stated it seems to be very heavily implied that it is related.
or maybe it's just a video game that re-use the same base skeletons and animation for similar monsters. nah, it DeEpEsT lOrE
Can someone change the icon for the hunting horn please?
Not a hard creature to fight, but damn is it pissy, clutch clawing can be a pain with this one
Rocksteady Mantle may help.