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If both liz are dead, head to the east side where you will find the room. Stand infront of locked door, face 180 degrees away from door, and press E. Viola!
FANTASTIC GAME DESIGN! CONGRATULATIONS YOU JUST CHEATED A 3RD RATE GAME. Feel like a winner? You're not, and neither are the devs.
Congrats anon for*****ting on this guy. You are doing gods work.
Now it's been patched
Lock truck works on Xbox. Confirmed.
Even if only one survived you can use the 180 unlock
So I'm doing this quest and I kill the last enemy but then die because something blew up next to me. I go back in and now there is only one Liz, the enemies are coming all at once without a quest anymore, and I get like 500 scrap. As I start to kill them, the other remaining Liz gets one-shotted and now I am getting full aggro from every enemy at once. I die and go back. Now there are no *****ing Liz's but the enemies are coming up and I don't know how to fix this. I closed app and went back. It saved everything but the loot I picked up. No enemies or Liz's if you do that, however.
Ok...so....won fight. Got trait. Some lady crying about liz dying??? I glitched the door bu how tf did I get the trait if her sister died???
Need both for key but don’t need both for trait
Got the trait but I did find a dead Liz on the ground. Never found the second one but I did get the trait. It looked like an enemy killed one after I got the trait. 180 door trick still works.
Dang I said "trait" way too many times in that.
No sister life bars no warning, nothing, classic "protect dumb NPC" quest. I'm totally ok with door glitch, thanks for the tip. Also got trait with one sister dead.
180 trick no longer works
Atleast make it to where one of them drops a key, damn