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By Anonymous
Technically builds are irrelevant since the game allows you to have 20 points in all traits, and since trait books give you full levels, you can re-roll earth infinitely for at least a minimum of 2 trait books per roll, I've personally seen up to 5 though. That's 5 free levels + whatever experience you get for simply making it to the first true boss room.
By Anonymous
Builds are not irrelevant if you consider synergies and combos.. For example Bandit Set + Devestator crossbow, Slayer-Crit build etc. There are tons of options, traits are just bonuses. But I can agree that getting all traits maxed shouldn't be possible to further increase the value of builds.
By Anonymous
items exist
By Anonymous
Why even play the game at that point ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
By Anonymous
What's gonna be really funny is all these people relying on Devouring Loop are about to cry. Their setups are about to get NURFED!
By Anonymous
all these dislikes and he was right, owned.
By Anonymous
imagine replying to yourself, lmaoo
By Anonymous
it is still worth using i have using it without knowing about the catalyst affecting it. have it with the radiant armor beam rifle breath of the desert i can reduce nightmare health to half alone in a three man coop.
By Anonymous
Guy above me really said “I do all the damage alone in a three man co op” megapepega
By Anonymous
Ah SHET nibba I meant below me :(
By Anonymous
Best setup in game.... Defiler Pistol Crossbow - Hunters mark Full slayer Outfit (ANY MELEE WEP) Brutal Mark or Gunslinger Charm Devouring Loop Stone of balance or Heart of the wolf for speed running.
By Anonymous
This is only good for a quick plat trophy, ***** running nightmare mode.
By Anonymous
With all the gear and equipment, it really comes down to the skill and knowledge of the enemies that really make things easier. With the books yes it makes it easy to really to just upgrade all traits. Once they are all acquired, just play what you feel comfortable with. Rely on your skill as the player to really destroy your enemies.
By Anonymous
@Gaven, will your [Headhunter] build work for Nightmare mode, too?
By Anonymous
Probably, I haven't tried it there yet
By Anonymous
Sorcerer Long: Chicoggo Typewriter (Swarm) Hand: Magnum Revolver (Fireball) Set: Cultist Jewels: Storm Amulet, Stone of Balance, Pillar of Stone
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
For beginners. For any build bare minimum. Vigor 20 Endurance 10 Spirit 10 Mothers blessing 10 More is better but not necessary on normal. Then you can do whatever you like just keep few trait points and upgrade weapons only on world bosses if you have problems. I got to King level 3 and to Ixxilis at level 5. Upgraded to 8 and both were a cake walk. Game at certain points pushes for upgrade by giving you a weapon or armor 1 level up from your current top item. Upgrade evenly. all or nothing.
By Anonymous
Snipey-Snipey Long: Hunting Rifle/Sniper Rifle Hand: Magnum Revolver Armor: Hunter Shroud, Trenchcoat, Pants Rings: Hunter's Halo, Pillar of Stone/Heartseeker Notes: Exploiter is key, I'd also fill up Eldritch knowledge and King Slayer.
By Anonymous
Damage output you say? Beam Rifle, mod Breath of the Desert, SMG, mod Flicker Cloak, Void Armor, Storm Amulet, Ring of the Admiral, Ring of Supremacy. Highest DPS I’ve been able to put out
By Anonymous
Storm amulet only boosts shock damage
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