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Notes. The Beam Rifle seems to not be able to stager him. Do not die after pulling it out of him. If you do you will have to pull it out again before killing him.
Another note. You can't get the Defiler if you go for the Harpoon. At least, I didn't get the Defiler when I got the Lost Harpoon.
He staggered five times...but he didnt fall...he dies if i do more dmg...is this mb not possible anymore? I play on hard so that i can do more dmg on his legs before he dies in normal...this sucks so hard that i cant get the Harpoon ._.
Make sure to stagger it with BOTH legs, only shooting one leg all the time will not cause him to drop. It seems to be harder in multiplayer.
Seems to drop on +4 minimum, can anyone confirm? Effect is +10% damage for each consecutive hit, up to 5 stacks, fpr 15 seconds by the way.
Using Devastators Skewer weapon mod seems to work well against Horrows legs. Use the Devastator against the legs until you have charged up enough for one Skewer shot. When you have one skewer shot ready, activate the Devastators weapon mod and aim for Horrows legs and it should go down on it knees. This has worked well for me atleast.
hurr durr me i mean Harrow...
This weapon has a sweep attack that can be performed after tapping dodge to backstep (not roll).
If you're in co op and your team mate picks up the spear is it given to everyone in your team?
Everyone in game gets it
Shotgunning his legs in solo play seems the most efficient the times I've done it (I use Bandit Armor as well), it also reset if he runs away so it's best to just try to burst him into falling and if you fail it's a quick reset.
First you must shoot in one leg and when it staggers, you must shoot in the other leg. If you have done well, it will fall and you will have to take the harpoon from behind. If it runs away or attacks you after staggering you should try again.
By the way, I got it with the hunter's gun