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By Anonymous
just roll through the waves, easiest boss in the game
By Anonymous
Also can unlock catalyst trait
By Anonymous
If anyone was wondering what the Vyxworm is, you can see it sticking out of this guy's torso.
By Anonymous
those are tentacles
By Anonymous
I need to say this, this boss's AI CANNOT handle you simply staying at the entrance of the arena and shooting him. he will run around, spawn bombs, etc, but HE CANNOT TOUCH YOU. the waves don't go over the land, the bombs only spawn in the water, and all you have to worry about are the ads that spawn.
By Anonymous
Ok, idk which people are downvoting stuff on this page but this IS accurate to the run I just had. His bloodwaves never came to land, he ran around, once he got somewhat close (out of LoS left side) but a couple shots and he ran back to where he spawned.
By Anonymous
Tried this, does not work. Must have been patched.
By Anonymous
Just unintentionally found this out today. Still works.
By Anonymous
Personally, this worked hilariously well for me lol. I was hit by a wave somehow, but it's the only time I was even hit. Great advice.
By Anonymous
Thanks friend, worked beautifully.
By Anonymous
y si uso un addblocker ya no me aparecen anuncios?
By Anonymous
Stand on land for the win! Seriously though, with hotshot/wilfire mod and/or devastator's skewer its an easy time. just stand back and let the DoT's do work while you kill the ADDS
By Anonymous
Post 2923, tested this, and the boss walked up slowly to attack me once, then went on to run back and forth for the remainder of the fight. It's not guaranteed, but is a very effective method. Far safer than dodging around for higher difficulties.
By Anonymous
the dungeon before him is harder than the boss itself
god ****ing dammit,every single fight the was 2 elites ,the lamp head and the fat *** guy , all with the 2 bonus "dogs" ,3 shooters and the cockroaches that screeam,a fking hell in nightmare to get throught
By Anonymous
Those ****ing headlamp guys are the worst, gotta perfectly dodge or get oneshot but then they attack again so quickly it's hard to kite them. I ended up replaying the dungeon over and over until RNG made it so the fatties, who are easier to kite imo, spawned instead of the lamp heads. (nightmare difficulty, imo the dungeon was fine on hard and easy on normal)
By Anonymous
Try Apocalypse mode lol
By Wolfdragon89
He's grotesque looking, but rather simple so long as you stay out if his swamp. I usually bring the Spitfire and light him when he passes, and use the Coach Gun to pepper him and keep his adds at bay.
By Anonymous
This fight is ****ing hilarious.