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It looks like his hat has something to do with it, I tried to shoot it off but there must be more to it.
again this wiki is dumb. Never even mentions where. Just what its made of
That's because no one who uses the wiki has figured out how to get it. Fextralife is a good wiki (I've used it since Dark Souls 1), and it's only as complete as the community makes it.
I'm going to venture a guess that you're dumb enough to not understand how wiki's work.


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The Second way to kill the boss is not available yet. The weapon exists in the game but there is no way to get it as of yet. We will just have to wait for a future update/patch for it to be available through legit means.
This weapon is attained by breaking the hammer of The Unclean One on Corvus. After he throws it it becomes breakable until he picks it up again.
The hammer is destroyable
You have the weapon?
Just did the fight, the hammer is non-interactive and attacking the hammer on his head does nothing, after surfing the reddit-zone the only way to acquire the item is by activating a cheat engine ^_^ they will bring a way to get it in the future just as they did Leto's Armor set.


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I don't understand. Why lie AMD make up stories...?
@anon Don't believe everything you read on Reddit.
Have someone kill first ALL creeps and kill him then?
second way is on now.You need to crouch behind unclean one to the basement?then hide in big jar in corner and wait for animation
at +0 mine has 68 dmg...
Thats the weapons base, yours is most likely higher because of armor, amulet, ring, and trait bonuses..
Is that accurate? It goes to 90 at +5 then that's it?
Max damage is 180
Corrosive Strike :
has a 36% chance of applying the Corroded effect reducing the enemy's defense by 15% for 10 seconds.
Charge attacks have a 100% chance of applying the Corroded Effect.