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So if yoiu dont get it, is it gone? cause ive left and reentered and its not there at all anymore
Yeah it is gone :/. I've been routinely backing up my save file for things like this.
Have to reroll the world and see if it spawns again
There is tools out there to to tell you what you rolled


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Just move forward and kill him I died and failed to kill him in 3 jumps he just came back and we got the Eh Crossbow. It's not great, does good on-hit damage but as the name says it all is bonces and doesn't really give you much more help on add clear. It doesn't reliably land on anything besides your main target, and only in tight hallways does it really work for its passive. Even then you may get one other hit on something else that you could kill with something else way faster with. So if you do end up not getting it your not missing much.
Richochet Rifle elemental damage or physical? In the description of the Ricochet Rifle it is indicated that he shoots with energetic shells, but I did not notice that the Storm Amulet would give a + 20% buff for this crossbow.
You can have 2 Richochet Rifles. One from stealing weapon before boss take it and second from killing the boss.
Got it and it's +9. Is that what everyone else got, +9?
Mine was +10.


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Items can scale depending on your gear level.
went in blind and now he is gone forever since i took my time?


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You can do adventure, which is random in terms of what is on the map. If you don't get the area you want, you can just re-roll and try again.
i think this is the most fun weapon in the game right now, i know the crossbow is better but...
How viable is this gun- it seems really weak
It doesn't do much damage per hit, but it hits multiple times and/or multiple enemies. It's extremely helpful in survival mode.
A useful weapon for cleaning narrow corridors from a crowd of small mobs.