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By Anonymous
Easy boss.
By Anonymous
Then how the hell did you do it so easily
By Anonymous
False. Your mom is easy. I ji22ed on her face while you had your controller to your crotch, crying and trying this fight 1000 times so you could post this BS.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
What is it with Yuri, and being the embodiment of “an unavoidable fate” like Ryoji from Persona 3
By Anonymous
This boss is meant for solo only. Teaming up will just make it harder and tedious. For weapon choice, imo Defiler (Harrow's normal drop) is the best for damage buffed phrase. Long weapon is Ruin for shooting roots in the realm. Save 5 charges on the Defiler, once you get out from the realm, alt shoot the boss. When the charges run out, each normal shot recharge the Defiler once. So you could simultaneously Alt shoot and normal shoot the boss. When its chest opens up, use ruin the waste the boss by zooming in and spray on its head.
By Anonymous
Tried team with 3, the dreamer buff only one person at a time. Most of it i was dodging the fireballs and almost fell asleep.
By Anonymous
sry i meant nightmare not dreamer.
By Anonymous
If you stay long enough in the void realm bosses start spawning. Had shroud spawn
By Anonymous
Wow! What a great idea, (untfire games! You guys sure know fun!
By Anonymous
Absolutely one of the most annoying, tedious and worst designed boss fights in the game. His 2nd phase is atrocious, you do barely any damage co-op, even with 10 stacks you need to go in that*****ty void world TWICE to take down a health bar. The add spawns are even worse in this fight, than most other fights, and thats saying something.
By Anonymous
if you dislike my comment you are a F A G i am right you are wrong
By Anonymous
Wow, you're so incredibly toxic, and salty it's dumbfounding how angry you are at this game.
By Anonymous
Lol we killed him with only 3 visits to the nightmare, even then the third round was just to clean up a sliver of health we had left. Sounds like you just suck at the game. The Defiler makes this boss trivial
By Anonymous
I never got the defiler you tard, it never dropped for me so K Y S, and second of all neither did my friends and we beat him 15 minutes after i posted this. If you think this is a legitimately good boss, you are a tard. Nothing about this nigga is fun, or enjoyable. He has one move in butterfly stage that you can just sidestep. Thats it. He may summon ads or put you into his dimension, but thats it. This is the worst boss design from an indie game yet. If you disagree you are probably white lol
By Anonymous
Boss is easy if you use Swarm mode against him.
By Anonymous
F U . Ur mom is ez.
By Anonymous
I can confirm. I didn't max and got 15. With the use of Swarm Mod, it broke the Nightmares Barrier and began unloading bullets on the Dreamer
By Anonymous
And ur a game journalist coz u cant even get past her first phase
By Anonymous
I can confirm that his mom is in fact easy.
By Anonymous
A fast firing weapon like the assault rifle or smg is recommended. A single shot or shotgun will do no good, because after you got the buff in the void, every bullet deals the same damage, regardless of per hit dmg. My strategy was: Drink Bloodwart while getting ported to the void. Run to the exit portal and kill 10 enemies on the way (buff indicator bottom right). Exit the void use "hot shot" mod with assault rifle (+10) and fire away. Repeat 1 time and boss was down.
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By Manfruit
So i was playing Dreamer/Nightmare today and...... well.... in second phase (Nightmare) i killed a lot of adds in the dimension after teleport and saw another boss hp bar pop up?? It said Gorefist, so i focused all adds and got Gorefist as well. I had 25 stacks of dmg buff and tried to kill some more adds, seems like 25 is max. Got out and did enormous amount of dmg, got teleported a second time. Tried to do the same tactic again BUT this time Shroud spawned. I have not tried yet because the boss for some reason bugged out and did not teleport anyone in about 5-7 min so i quit. What if u can spawn, i would not dare to say all the bosses but some before killing Nightmare and get some alternative ending with alternative reward? Maybe someone can confirm?
By Anonymous
I can confirm that the devs need to @ssf@ck eachother.
im sorry but if you cant kill Nightmare with 25 stacks you already lost because thats kinda pathetic.