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there needs to be a way to prevent the boss from destroying the bells. because he CAN and WILL destroy them and f*ck everyone out of the claw weapon.
You don't need to aggro the boss to play the lullaby, so there shouldn't be a point where that's a problem.
You don't have to do it during the fight, but before you approach the boss. What I did was enter the arena, go to the right of the Bell with the triple symbol and position myself so I could see every bell. Then i shot them in quick succession with the Repeater Pistol in the order shown above. The wolf started talking and I was able to engage in conversation.


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i think you hit the bells before you pull the boss could be wrong tho
Here's the lullaby being explained/completed in a video.
Hit the bells before you make him mad. If you start the fight you can't try the bells again that playthrough. If you are doing it solo it's difficult to hit all the bells fast enough to complete the song in time so bring another who you can work with the hit the bells fast enough.
After you play the Lullaby and you beat the dreamer/nightmare and end the main questline, you can come back here and kill the dog without him moving from his sleep, you will get the tentacle pod and the trait aswell as some achievements, probably a bug but worth it nontheless.


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Where we can find the book ? or there some especific maps that can find the book, i wish i dont need to look for it, but cant find anywehere in Yaesha


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*don't need to look for it ONLINE, wish i could solve this in game!
Confirm. You don't need to look at the book in game to complete the claw reward.
top, left: 1 top, right: 2 middle: 3 down, left: 4 down, right:5 2 - 5 - 2 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 1 - 5
It should mention that if you don't do it fast enough he wakes up and starts the fight


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Ummm false. He only wakes if you get to close to his face or shoot him.
Not true, I stood around for for 20mins idle in the boss room and he never woke up.
What is ads? You have to deal with closing out popup ads on his back? What do they advertise?
Not sure if this is just a joke, but if this isn't, ads is a term people use for minion enemies, because many find them as annoying as advertisements
I LOL’d at the reply above. The term is “adds”, short for additional enemies.