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I can’t find Singe. Am I doing something wrong?


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Only one of the two over world bosses appears in a playthrough. If you have encountered The Ent, you will not encounter Singe.
It took me 9 restarts to find him.
You get Singe or the Ent as a world boss for Earth. You'll have to reroll the campaign for a chance at Singe.
isn't brabus a earth boss ?
What about the Land's End where you supposedly get the Typewriter/TommyGun
I've rerolled about my campaign around 20 times now and haven't found Land's End that drives me mad
You will find it after you beat the root mother you will have to go through 1 dungeon on the top of the map it should wrap you around to the checkpoint you will find a locked door to open the short cut and it should be to the left you won't know if you got it for sure till you get a dungeon spawn or go through the dungeon
I hope when "Adventure Mode" drops (in a patch) I can re-roll Earth and get all the missing gear/loots/traits etc. because in my current save file I only have 1 of the random events.
To be fair, Earth kinda is the first biome of the story, so re-rolling it is already easy.
missing letos stuff


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Is Hidden Grotto in the first area of adventure mode? I've rerolled and explored it an obscene amount of times at this point with no luck. Should I go to the second area?


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As in prior to fighting the first boss in Earth.