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Shroud, Raze, Thrall, Sear & Scald, and Re-animator can all go fall in a hole. Don't get me wrong, they're all doable (to some degree) but holy crap could you get out of here with your teleporting bull*****and absurdly tanky enemies
Shroud is pretty easy, if you move sideways his arrows can't even hit you, and if you're running while he's bombing you, those can't hit you either while it's actually taking out all the adds that might be chasing you. As for teleporting, the ones I've met so far move very little other than that, which makes them very easy to hit once you find them - which is usually pretty easy as well. The only downside of it is that it does in fact force you to bring a long-range weapon with you, which is indeed not a good thing, as it is with everything that limits the ways the game can be played.
Need to add the Riphide here now due to the new update
almost every f*cking boss in this game is the Royal Rat Authority
Most of you in here sound like nothing but little cry babies who don't get their way.. you can't beat a boss fight so you degrade and insult the developer..better go tell momma so she can yell and scold the developer for not giving you exactly what you wanted..
We aren’t throwing insults because we’re petty, we’re throwing insults because the boss design is genuinely bad
and poorly balanced, can’t forget poorly balanced
Honestly, I love this game (walked it through once on normal and hard, solo only) but I still feel like it could be a lot more enjoyable with fewer or less frequently spawning adds. It would simply give you more options when it comes to picking a weap/mod/armor set with which it's actually possible to beat a really tough boss. For example any weapon with a magazine that holds less than 6 ammo will often be simply too much of a risk because of the occasional misses while rolling/running away from large hordes of adds and trying to aim and shoot at the same time, limiting the number of weapons that can actually be utilized. Not to mention certain weapon mods that players are known to keep as a go-to option when having a hard time with a boss, basically forcing things to become sadly repetitive. Because of this, the challenge in the game is not actually learning tactics and how to beat them, but rather trying to space out certain weaps/mods to make things more interesting. This is why the concept of flooding the player with them is in fact making the game not more challenging but rather get boring faster.
OK I’m getting sick of people complaining about whether the adds are fair or not so here’s an idea Offline: no adds Online/multiplayer: adds Hows that sound?
Some adds should come, as the game mechanics is built around them dropping ammo and proccing certain weapon/armor set bonuses upon kills. If they just spawned about half as frequently, that would probably be perfect.
the adds are annoying but the bosses aren't impossible because of them, just kill the adds, whittle the health of the boss and you'll be set



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Here's how it usually goes: Kill an add, one IMMEDIATELY spawns as soon as the last one died. Kill that one and a third spawns, KILL THAT ONE and you might have 10 seconds of add free combat before they start spawning again. Adds spawn FAR too rapidly in boss fights. As soon as you down one in as little as 2 seconds another one can literally spring up where the last one died I've seen it happen MANY times fighting Singe let alone the other bosses and this is on Solo. I can only imagine how insane the spawns get in MP games, probably just constant streams of adds popping up behind you.