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You are missing the Splitter mini boss
Also Singe is not a dungeon boss, it is a world boss
Want to find him so bad! xD
Ent, Harrow, Ravager and Singe are world bosses, not dungeon bosses
You're missing the dragon world boss at the atoll
Reanimator is missing as a dungeon boss in Yaesha
Anyone know how the "Enchanted" boss modifier works? For Mangler, it introduces constant Rot explosions across the battlefield. Is the modifier random?
there are a few modifiers that get picked at random it seems. Skullcracker-Attacks cause stun/knockback Hearty- More health Enchanter-Rot explosions Regenerator- Regens health VIcious(I think)-Does more dmg
Root Mother event ought to be here imo.
is every boss random or just a few?
fun is random. and rare, in this crap game.
The dungeon bosses can change. And the game is fun.
can someone make another section for dungeon events? like for the twins on earth to get the tommy gun or surviving until the doors open for the beam rifle
1 thing they all have in common is that they all suck. Boss fights are zero fun in this cheeseball excuse for a game. Crapfire Games doesn't test their games, this is why Darksiders 3 had to have major difficulty changes/options on release.
All bosses have lame gimmicks. They took the stupid ideas from Dark Souls and added many of their own. Oh, but at least we have quotrs between deaths. Cringe.
man you sound like super mad
How can you tell how he sounds from text.