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Can't wait for this article to look identical to how it looks now in two years
Why ppl fuking hate on this comment. Its so right. This wiki is a joke Xd
Wikis are a community project, meaning a wiki is only as good as what its community is willing to contribute.
Finally another water elder dragon!!!
Wat other ones exist?
Ceadeus and Amatsuare the only other two, Alatreon can't use water.
Short answer, there ARE more than just those 2 water ability elder dragons. long answer has 2 other elders with 1 water ability like amatsu. Long answer, It's interesting to call certain monsters a specific type. Looked up amatsu and it does have a water attack, but otherwise uses primarily wind. where as daora only uses wind, has no blights, yet all it's gear has ice to it. elemental Merphistophelin has a water mode to it. And Shantien have homing water beams at a later level.
think he's talking about canon monsters because if he was talking about any water monster... then yes you are absolutely correct there are many other elder dragons that can use water element.
I was talking about main series but side series games are canon. The devs never said they weren’t
ok cool
i wonder if hes an actual underwaterfight and a testrun for something like a water DLC after iceborne. it would make sense to test the waters (pun intended) for watercombat fith a single fight and look how it goes before rolling out a DLC about watercombat
They've done water combat before. If they bring back water combat, hopefully it won't be as painful as tri. Hopefully they have a better understanding of how dodging underwater works by now.
Alot of people didnt like water combat, but I did...I had alot of fun with it infact. There was only like what 3-4 water fights? just use lagiacrus armor and it was simple.Wish they would bring it back.
ok so i am here again... someone wanted me to look at this boy... I act like you all care when i know you don't but i just do this stuff for fun... Stygian Zinogre i mean Elbony Odogaron is coming soon so that's cool... anyways i am looking at the *****in three seconds we got looking at him and uhh... well yeah no that's a water elder dragon that's for sure... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he has glow whiskers on him... I got nothing people... alright well he does seem to use a more Chameleos like skeleton as the back is closer to the ground and the neck is longer then the normal skeleton, i say normal skeleton like there is one but you get the point his skeleton isn't the same as Kushala or Teostra and uhhh... his wings are bigger and glow like a *****in CEADEUS BEARD!!! ok I'm gonna go now this was pointless... also yes i agree with that one person about another water elder dragon after such a long time, he's about a comment down I believe but who cares really...
why do i do this to myself?



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Get out of here. No one cares about your ramblings.


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Don’t like it, stop coming to the page.
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15 water resistance, 5 lightning resistance. Level 1 or 2 vitality. (3 is okay but not needed) Rarity 10, 11, or 12 armor set upgraded to at least +3. That's literally all you need to be able to take very little damage from most of it's attack, and not die from being hit by it's strongest attack which it only does once or twice per entire mission. There are so many people dying in an SOS for this one and I think it's because people are neglecting their resistances.
I think so too, the shape in general is the same, the kin of inverted spherical scale like things look the same, same kind of weak points. etc.
I gemmed for lvl 3 blight resistance and lvl 2 water resistance (3 w/mantle). Made it very easy to stay alive and not compromise on damage.
Made it through with Blackveil Hazak's Beta Set, every piece fully upgraded, a few defense decorations, vitality and protection too. Took a few hits here and there but nothing that Vaal Soulvein couldn't fix.
I usually go for Beta sets, but the male Beta set it looks bad imo, so Alpha set it is, Fashion Hunter.
Seriously! I always go for beta but the alpha for this one is way too cool to pass up!
Beta makes my guy look flexible lol
100% this is the original form of Vaal Hazak. I mean sure Kushala Daora was similar but this takes the cake. From movements and attack patterns it’s too similar to ignore. There’s a reason Vaal Hazak looks fishy and this monster is the reason why.
They don’t look similar at all, namielle is more jellyfish, while Vaal is more
What does his tail look like severed i cant find it anywhere
I doesnt look like a tail, it's more like a dark colored pizza slice
It doesnt look like a tail, to me it looked like a small dark pizza slice type of thing
Severed tail remains have a symbol on your minimap. If you look closely, you should be able to find it in the arena using that.
How on earth did you get to namielle without being able to find the tail icon on your (mini) map
i typed this before i had iceborne
If you break the head theirs a chance of getting the one star drop Large Elder Dragon Gem, same with carving the tail.