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By Anonymous
They don't warn you about his one shot grab attack yet the image they use is from the attack.

He'll roar at you before running towards you and stab at you with his claw, if it connects he'll spear you through the stomach and lift you up, roaring at you again before throwing you on the ground.
By Anonymous
Is there a place I can go to find out how to get the lost harpoon? The info in the wiki is out-of-date and i can't really find any more up-to-date info about this
By Anonymous
Did you even try what the wiki said to do? Under "The Harrow Rewards", where it outlines how to get the lost harpoon? The info on this page is still valid.
By Anonymous
If you have the turret mod, you can literally trap the boss and stay in spawn and burn him down.
By Anonymous
By far the easiest boss in the game. Use whatever set you want, one shot magazine guns are suggested (Sniper, Devastator). Run through him and kite him arround in a circle in the middle of the arena -Adrenalines are your best friend here- and DPS him at a slow rate. Harrow reacts to fast and high DPS ratios, just focus on running around and fire a shot every 2-3 seconds. Be careful with your mods, make sure they dont stack extensive DPS, making him retreat. Devastator works best for me, but use whatever gun you vibe with, just make sure you utilize the strat and you will have the easiest nightmare/apocalypse fights of your life. Do it a couple of times to get the hang of the DPS ratio you have to deal to secure that he doesnt spawn ads and you're all set. You're welcome.
By Anonymous
Or use the radiant crit build and he doesn't make it three steps forward, your welcome
By Anonymous
Radiant full crit is what I use for this strat, but in Apocalypse it is borderline impossible for bosses to get killed in such a short time as "three steps forward". You will manage to get him at about half HP and then you will have to deal with ads, until he comes back for you to finish him. But ads are what we are avoiding here with this strat. So yeah, if you wanna stick to the strat, not have any ads and just spend 2 extra minutes of easy fighting, then your welcome, otherwise you're free to fight the boss as you see fit.
By Anonymous
i found a pretty silly "bug" to deal with this fight: go to the corridor on your left just after you enter the arena, when the boss follow you into the corridor, moving towards the corner of the path kinda messes with its pathfinding AI, and he'll turn around and try to reach you from the other end of the corridor. Return to the previous position and he'll turn back again. This also affects normal enemies coming from the arena entrance side of the corridor as well.

With this trick you'll only have to worry about the minions coming from one end of the corridor, and with a weapon with sustainable firepower (I used Ruin), the fight is actually not that bad.