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quick reload
Currently at 120+ kills on 14 guns, still don't have it. Can you farm the kills in a boss dungeon or does that not count?
Well, there are a few factors. One, it has to be on a single campaign. Rerolling resets the counter. Two, melee doesn't count.
The trait is about switching weapons... So you should be switching weapons while your getting those kills... I've unlocked it and I definitely have not used 14 weapons, but I am constantly switching between handgun & long gun in gunfights.
After countless hours of grinding, I finally got this perk. TL:DR: Pretty sure you have to get 100 kills with 10 different GUNS (not melee), in ONE campaign (without rerolling). Throughout my ~55 hours of gameplay on my main character, there's almost no way that I hadn't gotten at least 100 kills on, say, five different weapons. I used a good few different weapons. So I figured "Okay, I'll throw on some lesser-used weapons and grind out some kills with them while I try to get what I'm missing on Earth." I didn't count how many kills, but it was pretty obvious that I was getting over 100 on each of them, and I used about 6 or 7 different guns on my speedruns through Earth (different gun each time, going through all side dungeons/killing everything on the way). It baffled me that I hadn't gotten the perk by that point, because I'd spent so much time doing it, and I had the killcounts from my previous runs. So I decided to seriously test it. Rerolled, found the dungeon with the Root Hearts in the sewers, and just kept grinding out kills on the trash mobs that spawned (eventually they stop spawning, just sit at the checkpoint and they'll resume). I counted each kill, up to 110 on each weapon (to make sure I didn't miscount by a few). Many of them, I was 100% sure that I already got 100+ kills with on previous runs, and one of the weapons I used was melee. So by the time I got the trait, I had 11 weapons with 110 kills on them. I used the melee weapon BEFORE the 11th one so it's fair to assume that melee doesn't count toward it, especially since swapping has nothing to do with melee. Since I needed to repeat the kills on my previously-used guns, it's fair to assume that all of the kills need to be made in one campaign run without rerolling. Maybe an excessive write-up but I figured it might help other people with similar problems, and help to solidify EXACTLY how the trait is obtained.
Despite the essay, this helped immensely. This was my last trait to acquire.
Sorry, but I have to debunk the all in one campaign part. I just unlocked this trait using the SMG for the first time in a new campaign. I just started a new campaign because I was farming for the bandit set and I've only used 4 guns this campaign Hunting Pistol / SMG & Ruin / Devastator.
You DO NOT need to get 100 kills with 10 different guns each in the same campaign. I just unlocked this trait using the SMG for the first time in a new campaign. I just started a new campaign because I was farming for the bandit set and I've only used 4 guns this campaign Hunting Pistol / SMG & Ruin / Devastator. I am not saying that the 100 kills on 10 guns each part is incorrect I am only saying that the same campaign part is wrong. I believe that it's more important to swap weapons between kills in gunfights because that's what I was doing naturally and I unlocked this without trying.
I farmed a total of 150 root summoner attack spawns on the Shotgun, AR, Magnum, Crossbow, Sporebloom, Particle Accelerator, Ruin, Beam Rifle, Repulsor, and Scar of the Jungle God. This trait is bugged somehow or very unclear on how to get. My friend got his with using 4 weapons and Ive given multiple hours to what appears to be not the correct method.
I just got this and I'm 100% sure it's not in one campaign or whit 10 weapons. What I did a lot for last 1h was to shoot one weapon empty on enemy and finishing it of whit other gun. I'm pretty sure that's how you get this but not 100% sure.
Just a thought, but may have the same properties as Exploiter? I haven't achieved it yet, and I just broken the chain if the below applies and still have not received the trait (joined another party in public). I was able to Re-roll multiple times to farm for the random dungeons, but all done on solo. If this is the case with the criteria stated in the comments: 1) has to be in one playthrough (* I was able to re-roll my campaign *) 2) joining friends or public games resets progress(! thats why I did not have that trait !) 3) resting or warping to other areas will NOT reset progress so if you want it, play the game solo until you have it. It can be done within 30-60 minutes of casual play (given that you are shooting each enemy in the head)
I have juste count every kill with 10 differant gun, and no surprise : it's didnt work. I have kill more than 100 ennemis with 10 gun. That is not the way for this traits
Over 110 kills with 10 different ranged weapons and no perk