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By Anonymous
I used to get people join me. Now that I'm a higher gear level and stuff, nothing. Nobody. Zilch. Would love to know if there's any restrictions similar to Soul level in DS.
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By Maxinimum17
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I noticed something like that. It seems that once you beat an area, you can’t join or be joined by anyone who hasn’t, so it’s probably just that nobody is far enough along
By Anonymous
People can join, but its reccomended to join people similar level to them. So maybe youre too far ahead or maybe theyre looking for something in particular, and the worst part of online is if you want to kill a boss a certain way to get an item, if theyre randoms they have no clue and could end up killing it the undesired way and then youd have to find that boss again to retry.
By Anonymous
nobody like difficulties :)
By Anonymous
Could be no ones playing it.
I am new and have exactly the same problem.
Could be related to the cross platform issue
By Anonymous
Sorry how do you revive a teamate who is injured and on the ground
By Anonymous
press "E" (eat 1 dragon heart)
By Anonymous
Bude někdy možno hrát se všema platformama