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By CashforCookies
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has an alternate killing method. breaking the tail completly first rewards dragon links, used to craft the smolder melee weapon.
By FunkW1zard
by doing this, you'll lose access to the other crafting material for the SMG Spitfire.
By Anonymous
If you break the tail it makes it where you cannot obtain the item for the Spitfire
By Anonymous
If you encounter this one in a multiplayer game: One should kite the immolaters (kill two of them, kite one t'til the end of the fight), he'll not spawn new ones until all immonlaters are dead. One should get the attention of Singe: Dodge his attacks. One should stand on the side of him (45°), so the fire breath isn't affecting and shoot his crit point. This should do the work - pretty simple
By Anonymous
Or just shoot the boss until dead. Even easier.
By Anonymous
Playing on ps4.. got a Singe spawn .. add me if you want to destroy his tail before killing him so we get the sword! Add me = iamMQ
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
how do u get him to spawn? I got the treant :(
By Anonymous
Reroll your campaign. As it says above its him or ent. Not both
By Anonymous
Please add that cutting the tail off only nets you with Dragon Links and not Blazing Heart. Cut off the tail thinking I would get both and now I have to reroll so I can get the other.
By Anonymous
Another important thing to mention is that attacking the adds that spawn with a melee weapon does not set them on fire, which makes them tankier as well as more dangerous. If you save your ammunition for enemies that get lit on fire by other means and for the boss itself you will have a far easier time with ammo management.
By Anonymous
Why cant i find him? is he rare? playing on pc btw
By Anonymous
I am looking for the ent, we can play in each other's world :)
By Anonymous
I like this guy, but seriously "Singe?" It just seems like such a weaksauce name for a mighty dragon. I suppose the idea is that's what the humans call it, but when I think about a dragon I don't think "slightly burnt around the edges."
By Anonymous
Dude are you think of the word “seared”? Because that’s what seared means, lol. Singe means, “to be burned”
By Anonymous
In french "singe" mean "monkey.