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By Anonymous
He drop a crafting material named Void Sliver required to craft the Particle accelerator.
By Anonymous
Didn't drop for me :(
By Anonymous
Too hard! :(
By Anonymous
seems like fire does more damage to it, but don't have the specific numbers to confirm
By Anonymous
Didnt found the boss in over 20x runs...
By Anonymous
He dropped stone even though he never absorbed anyone
By Anonymous
Fighting this guy with 2 and especially 3 players is almost impossible. He spawns those energy blasts so fast and accurately that reviving is impossible. Honestly find it easier to solo this guy.
By Blankfacegamer
The game does open the possibility to play alone if you wish. Some players might find it more difficult to solo a boss rather than play with friends. If you find it difficult to revive there are options around reviving in combat. Some possible options are to stop the barrage are to use a shield like the Veil of the Black Tear mod crafted after fighting Shade and Shatter fight on Rhom. Another option might be to use the Rattle Weed mod crafted after the Shroud fight on Earth to distract Claviger from shooting the player attempting to revive.
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By Maxinimum17
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Or your team could just put on Void Set and not die ever
By Anonymous
For posterity and future viewers, you can resurrect your allies at the end of beam phase, and on the brief stun that happens to him after flipping the table or after adds are killed
By Anonymous
If someone ever finds this guy PLEASE msg me on xbox gt Sinfulbiosin. Would be greatly appreciated. Been trying to find him for 2 weeks.
By Anonymous
If you fought The Harrow in Rhom then this boss will not spawn.
By Anonymous
Join the Remnant Discord, tons of people in Xbox Looking for Item chat than can help you
By Anonymous
I actually am right at his save point on xbox. Taking care of pay check and doing a bit of shopping. Will message you in about a half hour!
By tdragoni
What does It mean that he absorbs the adds? It's not described. Is It when he slams the floor?
By Censu____
Yes! be sure to kill all the mobs he summon before you kill him. don't let him kill any monster!
By Anonymous
Maybe some day people will realize the silver and sliver are not the same word.