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By Anonymous
Is there a cap on the number of damage stacks you can get in the Shadow Realm? What's the optimal number of enemies to kill before leaving?
By Anonymous
25 seens to be the max
By Anonymous
The final boss of the dlc is what the final boss should of been good weapon for defeating it well for getting to phase 2 and it’s atleast a little challenging atleast in high difficulties, nightmare on the other hand is a total joke. In his defence nightmare can be hard if you don’t know how to fight him but once you understand what needs to be done it’s a little to easy
By Anonymous
easiest boss if you well equipped , he is just a crit spoon with radiant+labyrinth set swarm / breath of the desert / hotshot
By Anonymous
plus i never killed any mob for buff in the shadow realm , jst run out and crit him like a mutafuca
By Anonymous
You can two shot tgis enemy wear radiant armor burden of gambler and devourers loop then use swarm after shadow realm it will take 50% of nightmares health
By Anonymous
Any pro tip for someone who play higher then normal difficulty?
+ burden of gambler cuts a ton of weakspot damage. There are better rings for this boss if you use radiant ring
By Anonymous
I keep seeing this thing about only one player being sent to the shadow realm at a time but every try me and my friend made we both went in and out together.
By Anonymous
This is the most pathetic enemy I've ever seen, in any game.
By Anonymous
Using Burden of the Gambler ring will make this fight really long due weakspot dmg disable
By Anonymous
Gave it a whirl to see for myself. None weakspot damage with beam rifle clocked in at a maximum of 7-11k per hit with the portal side buff, and about 70-130k on weakspots. Trying it without the weakspots would take 20+ portal runs, focusing on weakspots 2-3 (I nearly had it in 2, but fudged my aim for a second).
By Anonymous
Wow...this boss is awful.
By Anonymous
uh ok. so the plan is the bore the player with a long, monotonous battle? or was this really the best idea devs had for a final boss? a massive health bar with no interesting mechanics....

man I am so glad I didn't have to pay for this trash game
By Anonymous
I love when idiots talk as if they know what theyre talking about

Youv never even played the game and still think youre learned enough to talk about the last boss, lol. Not to mention technically there are 2 last bosses
By Anonymous
no, he is right, this is actually stupid game design coz u have no any logical way to understand how to fight this ****. u must be the stupidest person in the world if u decide to stay in shadow realm for even a second while seeing exit and taking damage over time.
By Anonymous
Cope, Seethe, Mald.
By Anonymous
Not playing the game, but still posting toxic comments as if he was there personally.
Are you ok, bro?
Where all the hate is coming from? Is it because mommy doesn't want to buy you the game?
By Anonymous
How to kill him in two rounds, tested in Normal and Hard. (A round being going through the void area where mobs spawn.)
Equip the Breath of the Desert mod.
It'll take 40% of his life if you fire off every volley, which you can do before he closes up again. I recommend shooting him a bit before launching them to get that 10% in as he'll close up quickly after receiving such a massive amount of damage.