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By Anonymous
The starting class matters a lot in this game. For that, one of the three skill traits you get from the classes is possible to obtain through random events, which are hard to come by unless you engage in adventurers, I think. The Hunter is the worst since you can quickly acquire his weapons and armor. Furthermore, his skill trait is not helpful when compared to the traits of the other classes skill traits.
By Anonymous
All the equipment from all starting classes is purchasable from town, with no prereqs or special currency required (equipment from Rigs, weapon mods from McCabe). The only unique thing is the trait, but even those each can be gained from a random event in the first region of the game. With adventure mode you could reroll the first region until you get them if you really want them, but honestly it isn't worth it for a first playthrough anyway, as none of the traits are high enough priority to see real investment until you're well past beating the game the first time.

So starting class really doesn't matter at all, not sure what gave you the impression otherwise.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Maybe put the number of trait points for each class , because they are vastly different