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By Anonymous
To Craft: Use the Void Silver dropped by Claviger + 7 Luminite Crystals + 650 scrap
By Anonymous
By Sights
ive killed Claviger twice now and still no drop of the void Sliver is it bugged? or is there a certain way you have to kill it?
By Anonymous
I just got void silver on my first try with the beam rifle with a hot shot mod for extra fire damage
By Anonymous
Try this: when he summons adds ( I've had 2 or 3 per summon), kill all but one, damage last one to one-tap him later, nuke glowing rods. After rods are destroyed, you'll have some time while boss deactivates shield to finish the last add. You can kill all adds right away after he summons them and before rods are destroyed, but it'll be higher chance to him to summon more.
By Anonymous
You must defeat it without let him absorve any mob when he rounds floor.
By Anonymous
Is this weapon considered to be elemental damage?
By Anonymous
ALL weapons, that deal elemental damage have the mark about it in description with the different coolor.
By Sights
took me 5 kills of Claviger before he dropped me the Void Sliver hope yall have better odds
By Anonymous
It's not rng, MC Claviger needs to absorb one of the adds he spawns throughout the fight. Just leave an add alive and wait till he does some sick scratches.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Kill all ads ASAP. If any are alive when he spins the floor you will not receive the Void Silver as a reward when you defeat him.
By Anonymous
extremely easy to get, had my first encounter with this boss on my nightmare playthrough. using Hunting Pistol +20 i 2 shot all 3 mobs and just focused on the boss when they all were dead. Rinse and repeat.
By Anonymous
obviously you didn't it do that way because that's not how it worls lol. For the PA you have to let him consume a mob and he only consumes when he spins the platform... so you don't have to kill the mobs you have to keep at least 1 mob alive until he spins the platform
By Anonymous
This guy who replied is talking out of his ***. No you shouldn't let him absorb any ads.
By Anonymous
just 4 shot this boss like it was nothing with crossbow +20 and full crit build...
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By Roran
I am rather disappointed with this weapon its underwhelming. Eye of the Storm easily beats it out and this was much more difficult to get.
By Anonymous
This gun is so fun, why don't I see it more???
By Anonymous
My new favourite weapon :)