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We should eventually add how each changes the look of the weapon
I think Breath of the Desert and Swarm's descriptions are mixed.
you forgot explosive shot
its there
Need lullaby info
Bell 5-1-5-1-2-3-4-1 is it and it will award exp when done right
Playing this game on ps4 trying to get the mod enthusiast trophy (acquire 15 weapon mods) I have 17. Does anyone know why I haven't gotten the trophy?
You been playing in co-op? A lot of achievements don't register properly when you meet the requirements in co-op.
Ahhh that's probably what it is me and my friend have been playing through together. Thanks for the help
there are 18 in total, 3 starter ones don't count. It still achievement still didn't pop for me though
I got the achievement when I picked up my 19th
And how the skills scale
When you can get 3500 damage headshots, there's a lot of mods that just don't scale well enough. Basically when you consider how many traits and pieces of of gear there are to increase your weapon damage, and how few there are the boost mod effects, it doesn't matter that you're charging them faster, when they're not even worth the button press. It's a shame when they're the more interesting part.
Not worth the button press is exactly right. For most good builds there are no reasons to use them at all, and for other builds charging mods is the sole reason for the build.
I get 15 normal weapon mods, but the trophy isnt there (ps4). Must i do anything?
same :|
That's all I need for platinum trophy.
It’s broken on mine also
Achievement must be broken at least on xbox as i have 18 weapon mods that are movable as well as the ones that come on all the weapons except for flicker cloak but thats not available yet anyway
Broke for me also on PS4
broke for me in PC