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By Anonymous
Buy all of Wud's information and then he will sell you this set.
By Anonymous
I cannot find this dude.
By Anonymous
You have to just reroll. Until you do
By Anonymous
You probably beat this game two years ago, but this would help: https://hzla.github.io/Remnant-World-Analyzer/ you upload your save and it tells you what events and items you've rolled on your Adventure.
By Anonymous
I love the ability and chest but the legs and head look so assssss
By Anonymous
Osseus legs+chest with Akari head piece. Looks better and is a solid combo with the Akari changes.
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By Wolfyre
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There is nothing at all wrong with this set's look. It looks like primitive samurai armor and is probably one of the best looking armor sets in the game. I think the Slayer head or Elder Head are by and large the worst looking. Again looks are subjective but this is by and large not the worst looking armor set in the game.
By Anonymous
Fashion Ashes?
By Anonymous
8feb2020 anon has terrible taste and is stupid
By Anonymous
how many damage per stack and how many stacks max? Also is there a cooldown?
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By Wolf_Pwnz_Noobs
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At a glance and distance it looks similar to the Eastern Set of Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3
By Seeker-Onyx
Dude, do you just go to every Fex page to share obscurely unpopular opinions?
By Anonymous
u r sofa king wee todd did
By Anonymous
he dont give me option to buy the armor, and yes, i have talked to him about all secrets and there are no options left.....
I have also tried teleport somewhere else and back, still nope...
By Anonymous
Game was bugged yesterday, almost all traders wouldn't sell anything.
It was fixed this morning.
By ILwolf96
Ok so from where to begin...
This set is the best set for single target dps.
There is no known max stacks.

I recommend two builds with this set:
Ranged build-
Weapon: The Beam Gun
Mod: Flicker Cloak or Veil of the Black Tear
Rings: Jewel of the Black Sun/ Devouring Loop and Burden of the Gambler
Any any necklace u want.

You will literally melt anyone you fire at.

The Melee build:
Weapon: The lost Harpoon
Ring: Leech Ember and Band of Strength
Necklace: Butcher's Fetish
Mod (on the other weapons): Flicker Cloak.

The flicker clock will let u do most of your damage.
Most enemies will die the first 3 hits but you will get you hp back with leeching Ember.
By Seeker-Onyx
Fextralife, your site has become garbage. This game is a year old and still some of its pages have "SAMPLE TEXT" spamming entire sections. Pages for specific items, like the Osseous set, spew generic lines about how items work overall. YOU DO NOT NEED THIS ON EVERY SINGLE ITEM PAGE. Why did you even BOTHER with Remnant if you were going to abandon all effort for it so early on? Dude, one of your hyperlinks (can't remember for what) in an item page literally took me to a "site down for maintenance page." You literally use "site down for maintenance" as placeholders for NONEXISTENT PAGES THAT ARE REDIRECTED FROM ACTIVE HYPERLINKS.
By Anonymous
It's a wiki, dunderhead. Be the change you want to see in the world and update it.
By Anonymous
To Anonymous: "Be the change you want to see in the world" ...from creators of "Become an actor if you say that this actor plays bad" and "Become a cook if you say that this meat is bad" ...immortal classics.
By Anonymous
If I use this set plus twisted idol will I have the dodge roll of light armor and the stamina usage of medium armor?
By Anonymous
I answered my own question based on the tooltip for the rusted amulet. Looks like it would have the stamina usage of medium armor but the dodge roll of light armor.