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The area is called "Sorrow's Field", it appears in the area right after the church fight.
No ^^
Ok, I just figured it'd be the same since all other dungeons were consistent with naming/"quests" throughout my grind. Guess rng had me fooled.
It spawns in the dungeon known as Sorrow's field. Whom ever said no is in fact wrong. Also the dungeon can only spawn on the west coast which is the arwa after the church fight
Maybe things have changed since others posted replies but I just found the key and th door on adventure mode in the first earth zone.
Seeing a lot of journalism saying that the rifle's found specifically in "Sorrow's Field," a generated temple after the church survival... can anybody attest? I know I can't... didn't even have a Sorrow's Field in my Westcourt.
The game is randomly generated. Your Westcourt may not have spawned Sorrow's Field.
Can confirm. I just got the AR in Sorrow's Field. The game is auto generated, so it might not match up exactly like mine, but for me it was to the South Eastern entrance of Wailing Wood (Westcourt)
Looks like its based on a Ruger Mini-14
more like A-team guns :)
“More like A-Team guns” that’s because the A-team used ruger mini-14s..
Its obviously based off the M2 carbine, makes sense in both look and lore with the timeline.
on top damage 19.5, on upgrade tabe lv 1 15, which is ?
The assault rifle starts at +3, giving it the 19.5 starting damage.
I have found the key, opened the room, but there was no rifle in there. Who else encountered such a bug?
mine was stuck halfway in the ground.
Secondary weapon mod: hunters mark Assault rifle with hot shot mod. Activate both and say goodbye to whatever your shooting at.
Can I get by re rolling on adventure mode?
Yes, that's what I just did, although the area was in the first zone of my first adventure roll. Winning!
I got it re rolling ( adventure) Earth got the key and the locked door in the same map
do the key and the door spawn in a different map? if so, then what does the door look like? I just found the key, but would like to know how the door looks like so I wouldn't miss it on the next run.
nevermind, found the door just a few yards ahead of the key with a doodle picture of a monkey on it. hope this helps others.
Yeah, just found the key and the corresponding door later in the same area. The area was entered through a gully in the FIRST earth zone.