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220 damage 1 rps 1 magazine 25 max ammo at +10
How do i zoom the scope ?
If you're on PC middle mouse button. Console = click right stick.
Double-click and hold Right Mouse Button on PC. (Middle Mouse Button is ping by default).
On PC, double-click and hold the Right Mouse Button (aim) You can also assign a keyboard button for the scope-zoom function in the controls menu; I use "Z" for this.
This combined with Slayer set, all crit/damage traits and Devouring Loop lead to some hilarious crits, especially on weak spots. Managed to shoot some poor mook in the head for over 10 000 damage (not sure if Song of Swords was active). Works well on bosses too, if you're a good shot.
How It compares to the crossbow? I'm torn between the two
idk about the crossbow, but i've been using the sniper rifle through the campaign since I got it. Slayer set + Sniper rifle + Hunting pistol is pretty great.
My only criticism of this gun is that it needs to at least have a 3-5 round magazine because reloading is a *****.
With the damage it does if it had a larger mag it would be broken as hell
I doubt that a higher magazine would be an issue for it at all considering they can just lower the fire rate to make it more acceptable.
Easily the worst weapon in the game. At least in my opinion.
Ahh, I see you haven't tried out the Spear yet! ;D
the lightning spear is awesome, and so is the sniper with heartseeker ring. worst weapon is the rebound crossbow, not the sniper xD
Its the rifle version of the Hunting Pistol. More damage, plus scope. Dont need to zoom in every time, you can fire like the hunting pistol with no scope. I have been using it with Hunters Mark mod which really makes this gun shine IMO.
Did you smack crack?
Have you tried to hit your shots into some weakspots?
I use this weapon from the beginning to the end, always had a huge dps.
Have you tried hitting your target? Or aiming? I'm sure if you hit shots you'd think it was the best
found a neat way to use it, aim, shoot, roll, it autotically reloads while dodging, so you can rooll shoot roll, just care for the stamina consumption