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By Anonymous
Very cool set
By Anonymous
I got the Void armor after 3h, so now I have the strongest armor already? wtf. I came here to see if it was like the first 5 or more mid game...
By Anonymous
Void armor is very good but definitely not the best, nearly every build has much better options. It's just easily accessible and meant as a midgame all-rounder set whilst you level
By Anonymous
Woke clown game barely has any gear items in it.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Go back to fortnite.
By Anonymous
Um... Huh?
By Anonymous
Just started recently, what about this game is 'woke'? Don't see it thus far.
By Anonymous
woke clown barely has any clothes to wear IRL lol
By Anonymous
need more armors and weapons. but woke how? lol
By Screenwriter91
I've added in base armour, total armour and weight stats to each set, as well as included the alt skins for each set. If anyone has base stats that aren't listed, let me know.
By Anonymous
is it possible to show/say what skin(s) can be used for whatever armor.. as well on weapon pages..?
By Anonymous
For the "Equipment Enthusiast" achievement (10 sets of armor) Your starting set and the adventurers set do not count towards the achievement.

Currently trying to find out if it is only base game armor or all armor sets that count.
By Anonymous
So happy they are moving on to another game. These devs don't know how to balance things at all. All they did was endless nerfs to all equipments. Clear sign of lack of talent.
By Anonymous
Man, why did you come to this game's wiki? Do you really hate the game that much?
By Anonymous
Mad cus they nerfed his favourite weapon probably, lol
By Anonymous
Mad cus he dont know how to adapt to new thing lmao.
By Anonymous
Don't worry about the copium trannies. They're just upset you sad bad words about their game. :(
By Anonymous
lol, grow some, it's not okay to say such things. it's their game (you've probably even got it for free on epic games), it's their vision, they edit gear stats to fit what's on their mind - and that works.
And to be square - game is free for modding, if you dont like some of the stats - you just get the tools, mod the game to bring in some old stats - and play. You dont get to say if you dont want to do, duh

This game is pure awesomeness