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Cant put a link but there is more weapons, like the smolder a flaming sword from a bosss
It's from the dragon boss. You have to cut the monster tail before you kill it.
Found a weapon called the Chicago typewriter, its a tommy gun look alike which is obtained from a survival dungeon on earth. part of a quest, cant exactly remember the name except it has something to do with two characters named liz
The Two Lizs
A tale of two Liz's
Chicago Typewriter is a nickname for the Thompson Submachine Gun (Tommy Gun)
revine is another melee weapon that is a scythe
You meant Riven, right?
anyone know how to get twisted heart from ent, i know you destroy the dragons tail to get the dragon links to make into a sword but i got no idea what to go for on the ent
You need to destroy one of his legs
Yo I'm waiting to get off work to try it please tell me it's a good looter shooter
It's not bad at all. Bosses can be annoying because of trash mobs sneaking up behind you... But, it is meant for co-op.
Break the Ent's legs
Shoot him in the feet until he drops and then kill him
Shoot his legs and destroy them first then proceed to kill.
If any1 is looking for the Claw melee weapon from the trailer, u get the material to craft it when u use the bells to play the Lulliby to the Wolf boss in Yeasha, i think the boss its called the Ravager. The lulliby is hidden in a book in Yeasha, play the luliby and u skip his boss fight, talk to him and he gives you the material to craft the Claws, its awesome
Why Riven is not here?


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So, only solo cannot obtain all boss weapon in 1 game play because dungeon boss will random spawn?
Only solo? I have played extensively through the public matchmaking, done my own playthrough and I still haven't collect every time. You will need to play at least 3 times with or without people.
I'm 35 hours in and have all my gear 9 or 10 for boss and 19 or 20 for non boss I'm max trait level and I'm missing one melee
Theres a long gun weapon you can acquire called the Chicago Typewriter. Its basically a scrap metal tommy gun. You get it from a survive the siege mission called the "Tale of 2 Liz's" one of the survivors gives you a key that unlocks a door in the same area that has the gun in it.
If you happen to let one of the girls die, DO NOT leave! Put your back to the door, squat down, and press whatever button you use to dodge/evade to go backwards. It worked for me and a friend to get through the door and get the typewriter, after letting one of the die. Hope this helps someone like the reddit post helped us
Chicago Typewriter is a nickname for the Thompson Submachine Gun (Tommy Gun)
is the Butchers flail actually obtainable or not?
The material implies break the boss's head. Like the tail of the dragon.
Ah i didnt see that thank you, my good man
Yes I obtained at the end of a cursed dungeon in Rhom.
To the person saying they obtained it in Rom, no you didn't. That's the Wastelander's Flail.
IIRC, Its obtained by doing the "Unclean One" alt kill. Which requires that you crouch into his arena and make your way down stairs (to the right of the main entrance) and hop in one of the 2 open pots on the left downstairs. You have to stay crouched until you're downstairs.
Yes. You have to sneak down into the basement to the right and hop into a pot.
You dont have to sneak, just dont go close to him.