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By Anonymous
Traits locked behind co-op is *******.
By Anonymous
cry me a trable
By Anonymous
I mean, they only help when in co-op, if you're not playing co-op what does it matter?
By Anonymous
Oh no, you have to interact with people to 100% the game, it's the end of the world. My dude, go touch grass.
By Anonymous
If buddies in this didn't all have main character syndrome and try to overthrow your game because there's no actual host system, I'd agree. But nobody I've ever played with can wait half a second for me to pick up items and explore a couple rooms, and honestly, watching them die because they try to play the game like Halo and immediately die when the boss comes out and then sit there spamming pings on themselves does get a little annoying, but they usually leave after I teabag them.
By Anonymous
im like collect them all
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