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By Anonymous
Revivalist is another and mother’s blessing
By Anonymous
Revivalist increases revive speed by 5% every point lv
By Anonymous
Exploiter - Weak Spot Damage. Guardians Blessing - Melee Damage Reduction (1%)
By Anonymous
Trigger Happy - Weapon fire rate +2% lvl 1, +1% per level.
By Anonymous
The maximum level of a single trait seems to be 20. Or maybe Elder Knowledge just caps at 20, I'm not sure.
By Anonymous
Ok, it's all traits. I've got several capped now. Anyone know what the max trait level is/if there even is one?
By Anonymous
32 trait x 20 level = level 640 max Confirmed per dev on reddit
By Anonymous
Am I correct in assuming that every trait has a corresponding ring or amulet? If that is the case then shouldn't there be a trait that increases elemental damage?
By Anonymous
That is what catalyst is for
By Anonymous
Trait rank doesn't seem to have a cap, not sure if that was shared already. Traits individually have a cap of 20
By Anonymous
Ive been gard capped at TR620 witge 19 trait points left for a couple of days now. I nolonger have an xp bar and tomes of knolage dont give me trait points anymore
By Anonymous
Ive been hard capped at 620 with 19 trait points left. I no longer have an xp bar and tomes dont give me points
By Anonymous
There is an Amulet that give 20% elemental damage
By Anonymous
That's the Storm Amulet. It was buffed to 20% from 15% in the day 1 patch.
By Anonymous
Is there a way to get ice as cold trait offline
By Anonymous
Unfortunately no. For the 30 trait achievement, you will need the Sleight of Hand trait to substitute the Suspicion or Cold as Ice, but also require you to play online at least once for Teamwork. (at this time at least)
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