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By Fexelea
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Just a few days to Remnant: From the Ashes launch! Looking forward to seeing some community co-op :D
By Anonymous
Oh yeah, because that's so much fun. This game is broken. Single player and multiplayer both. Imagine playing DS3 and the first boss has endless respawn hollows. Or Nameless King has respawning adds, it is effing stupid and it's like the devs mistook "hard and unfai" for fun.. AVOID.. and multi
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By Wolfyre
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Me as well. Will most of you be playing on Steam or PS4? I've been playing on Steam bbut I like it well enough that I am happy I preordered for PS4 as well.
By Anonymous
I just made my account but is you see any modifications under "Anon-2D185" that was me. Just trying to complete as much of the wiki from the information I can gather from within the game.
By PopCulture
RIP that was a fail on my part was not logged into my account yet.
By BuffPocketMidget
I am focusing on armor sets, weapons, and some NPCs that have no info yet. Adding images, damage/armor tables, and dialogue.
By Anonymous
Melee weapon pages should note that there is a fourth attack type other than lunge, normal, and charge; there are also backstep attacks with some weapons even also having a unique charge back step attack(the Scythe and World Breaker, for example, have unique animations for both charged and uncharged backstep attacks)
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By Ahym
Should The Root page mention anything about the character's dialogue when seeing various high level enemies? Such as Flame Devils being called Immolators, Or Juggernauts being called Root Brutes? Or possibly a redirect when typing in those terms?
By Anonymous
whats that mark on that appears on some players like the one on the undying king?
By Anonymous
it's from the weapon mod you get when you kill the undying king
By Anonymous
After you charge the Rifle mod on the rifle you get from killing undying king Whrn you fie it revives you back to half health
By Anonymous
I can't edit this page, but the builds link is bad, remove the extra character.
By Anonymous
If you don't love salting comments from people who don't understand how souls-like game play, don't go into the comments section of this wiki. Tons of people wasting their time writing*****ty comments about a game they don't understand.
By Anonymous
It's a souls-like, and not even a particularly hard one. The adds can get annoying, but nothing in this game is nearly as bad as a lot of idiots in the comments sections try to make them out to be.
By Anonymous
I honestly find this game a bit more fun than dark souls. Maybe because the game has a interesting setting and we can use long ranged weapons. Dying a lot can be annoying but theres no penalty for it the game makes me feel like I'm playing a dope game. I was waiting for the game to be released physically I was very interested before it's release but it was whack to see the game being on PSN only. I wouldn't say this game is a walk in the park. It's definitely at the dark souls level though and I'm pretty sure a lot of died at one point. Especially between going in the sewer stages and getting cornered.