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Hello. Since this game was made free in EGS ( for a limited time), may I know how far is the content I can play without the Swaps of Corcus DLC? I'm planning to buy the the dlc when after I'm done with the first part.
Yes, you will be able to play without DLC. As of today there are 2 DLC and they are somewhat "side quests" with new weapons and one massive mode called "Survival" where you fight with bosses and get rewards.


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The game is permanent once you get it though...
one of my favs, i know lots of people like spoon fed stories but i prefer to find it out myself, and tge gameplay is good and not glitchy, reminds me of dark souls but the deaths are not time wasting and combat is explained better along with explained dodge mwchanics. I do like dark souls also and both to me are great games.
37 gb update?
there are alot of new skins i got for free i have dlcs and i heard you just get it for free without dlcs only for the starting armor and i think there were some bug fixes


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Author - Dark
Build: OP Dog

exploits the dog, allowing it to deal a base hit of 500+ damage, not counting the crits and weakspot damage it can do. this requires subject and swamp of corrsus dlc. shoutout to the creator of the build, which was hard to find Lify. the video is here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtFwbhYbvLQ

Longgun - Assualt Rifle
Handgun - SMG
Melee - any but Riven is nice
Mod 1 - very good boy
Mod 2 - beckon or iron sentinal
Armor - Labyrinth set
Amulet - gealic charm or soul anchor
Ring 1 - braided thorns
Ring 2 - gift of the iskal

Traits - (must haves) Catalyst, Arcane Strike, King Slayer, Executioner, Exploiter, Concentration, Evocation, Spirit, Invoker, Blood Bond. after these, you can have whatever.


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There is not even a build, just an assembly of something, and even stupid.
On normal difficulty, anything - op.
Where is the dog broken?
Im 80% sure that braided thorns doesnt work with summons and even if it does im pretty sure that you are going to have more damage with ring of supremacy.
If you are using soul anchor you want as many summons as possible to buff your own damage so using very good boy that can only summon 1 unit instead of beckon/iron sentinel/seed caller that can summon 2 units makes you lose 6% damage. Hell id say that any other summons are better than dog.
Есть пару оружий,а в особенности брони(панцирная),которые нуждаются либо в конкретном изменении,либо в улучшении.
Good day,
when will the new content come into play? The game is amazing for me such a diablo 5. I would like it to keep growing and there is still something to do.
If you bought the dlc you can re-roll your campaign to acess the dlc storyline. Pretty sure it overwrites initial campaign so make sure to get a thorough playthrough first!
failure wiki with dozens of pages unfinished.
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