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Any chance new sections can be added for the survival gamemode?



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Hello! The Survival Mode section has been added.
Don't get me wrong this website is great, but if the developers are reading this, it would be great if they made an actual book guide.
Its almost impossible to make a guide to how random it is unless someone gets all the details involving how the world changes, what enemies/bosses trade spots, and most of all what tile set each thing is on, Ex: Earth has a spore tile set and it holds certain enemies, but u could get the the other tile set, cant remember what its called.
Please add split screen
Wayyyy to difficult for something like that. It would likely slow down the frame rate. It's not so easy to add split screen to most modern games these days.
Started yesterday. A bit frustrating but the game doesn't penalize you for dying like most games. It's definitely a game that makes me feel like I'm playing a decent game for once in 2020