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Any chance new sections can be added for the survival gamemode?



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Hello! The Survival Mode section has been added.
Don't get me wrong this website is great, but if the developers are reading this, it would be great if they made an actual book guide.
Its almost impossible to make a guide to how random it is unless someone gets all the details involving how the world changes, what enemies/bosses trade spots, and most of all what tile set each thing is on, Ex: Earth has a spore tile set and it holds certain enemies, but u could get the the other tile set, cant remember what its called.
Please add split screen
Wayyyy to difficult for something like that. It would likely slow down the frame rate. It's not so easy to add split screen to most modern games these days.
Started yesterday. A bit frustrating but the game doesn't penalize you for dying like most games. It's definitely a game that makes me feel like I'm playing a decent game for once in 2020
What if you made a section all about "Chronos"



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Definitely my favorite "sleeper hit" of 2019. Heck, probably my favorite game of that year, period. Immensely addicting.
This is definitely one of my favorite games of 2019 and i still play it weekly. If you love 3rd person shooters give this game a chance.... hell if you play games period PLAY THIS GAME!!!!
Awful game. Horrible design aesthetic. Crappy character creation. Unimmersive random generated levels that you don't want to explore. Loot is almost non existent and you have to replay/reload levels to grind. Shooting is ok but you get tired of it due to nonstop swarms and too few shootouts. Division 2, although flawed does everything better than this garbage.
You've played similar games with loot and level grinding where you aren't replaying levels? Even the soulsborne games, which many use to compare this to, have you doing NG+ over and over again.
Cracking game need more lvls please!
Hate it. Unimaginative design, lack of veriety, spend 5 hours playing just earth due to cnstant unfinishable levels on earth wehre only 2 dungeons spawn and no pathway to progress. Shooting is boring, nothing to loot, ammo is only an issue in boss battles, and you can buy that many ammo boxes that even that isnt an issue. Just a rushed idea of "LeTs Do DaRk SoUlS bUt WiTh GuNs" but misses the beauty, veriety and balance of an actual soulsborne game
It hurts to read this played with friend (both just instaled) and beated it on first try just look at f*ken map :D
I think this game is amazing I think you're being too close minded about it I beat and played this game 4 times and the brand new DLC 2 times already because of all the different types of loot and "variety" of the game. there is all kinds of breakables and chests across the world that you can break and loot so I don't understand your complaint about not being enough to loot. i WOULD GIVE THIS GAME A 100/10 if i could.
Constant unfinishable levels? 5 hours on Earth? Shooting is boring at low difficulty on early stages, loot is a lot like the soulsborne stuff: special items are unique and rarely found this isn't Diablo. Ammo was never intended to become an issue, running out of ammo is almost certain death, unless you are specifically a melee build. Also if you were only on Earth it's no wonder that there was a "lack of variety" for you. Earth is intentionally lacking variety. Rhom, Corsus, etc, they all get massively more varied.