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How do you get the mute guy ( whisper ) to craft you dtuff. and is therea way yall can tell me where to get the materials? thanks!
To get him to craft for you, you simply need to walk up to him and speak with him. After the dialogue is over you should be able to reach his crafting screen. He makes armour skins in exchange for glowing fragments, which I believe bossess sometimes drop during the campaign. Glowing Fragments seem to be much easier to acquire during the survival mode of the Swamps of Corsus DLC, where Special enemies seem to have a decent drop rate for these glowing fragments.
One way is to play on Hard mode, or I think survival mode is another. You won't get any glowing fragments in normal/easy mode.


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for mute to craft you stuff you will need glowing fragments which you can get from killing mini bosses and actual bosses from survival mode, hard mode, nightmare mode, and apocilypse mode. Hope this helps
need help at the ktyptolith on corsus (DLC)
nvm finished it today