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Has anyone not used the boss items to see if they can be combined into new gear?
Same guy who posted the question at work right now, but will be starting a new toon to see about my own question. Thank you,


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Not as far as I've noticed. Not to mention that it'd be pretty poor game design if that were the case, considering that once you get a part once, unless you sell it for scrap you won't ever get it again.
But wouldn't that be the point? Everyone is using the boss items as soon as they get them because the gear/mods they get. But what if you saved both parts of the world bosses? Workst case is that they dont combine and you waited a little longer to get the two weapons
I have a question: Does the reduced Nightmare Boss base health from 2 million to 1.5 million apply for all degrees of difficulty or only for Nightmare-mode?
According to patch notes its for the boss nightmare, not specifically on the difficulty 'nightmare' and unless im mistaken im pretty sure that the higher difficulties base their hp values on the original, so it indirectly affects nightmare nightmare
My own opinion: DLC too short 20 min worth of play/ reading lore on nightmare mode. 2-3 min explore new area then off to same earth dungeon maps area to hit the boss. very disappointing. no new enemy encounter. Boss fight not an challenge, easy to defeat. New armor design look like and copy off from another game (cant think off the top of my head), and you have to wear all three pieces just to get the effect for it. What an waste of time, poorly designed and executed, no wonder it was free.
Where did you get the new armor i did find a locked door but cant seem to find the key anywhere
There is no Key for this Door. Go to the Computer and Select Chamber Control again and Disable Letos Algorithm. Letos Algorithm makes sure you always land on the same spot which you can learn from the computer logs. Without the Algorithm you will teleport in random Directions keep teleporting until you teleport to a room with a large burning corps pile the armor is in that room.
Aren't you being a bit harsh? It was just a new dungeon. Not a new zone. More of an update than a dlc.


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Yes please cry about free, FREE! DLC. I said it twice to emphasize it was FREE!!!!
Just a proof people will cry about anything... even when you hand them something for free. What a little bi... ummm princess.
IGN trash
Dude the Dlc was 10 bucks what the hell you mean free it wasnt free
Am in love with this game, give us more trophies to work towards soon! Thanks guys!


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Best game 2019
Hi to the team of developers. I truly am enjoying your game but if can make one request is for a toggle on aim. It’s sometimes difficult for someone like me who suffers from joint pains on my fingers for holding the trigger for a period of time.
best game sz sz
Best game I've played in years. Screw what IGN says about it not being balanced enough.... it's a masterpiece!
IGN is full of uncultured swine that don't really play the game and copy+paste other reviewers' work, that's why.
IGN does not posses enough brain cells to review any game
IGN does not possess enough brain cells to review any game
Butchers Flail still unobtainable?
The DLC for Corsus added the method. You gotta kill him in the basement. Go downstairs, hide in one of the pots, and he'll come downstairs. He won't spawn adds for the basement fight. He drops the thing needed to make it if you kill him there.
A specific date for the Corsus update to drop?
4-28-2020 and the price is 10$ (USD)