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oh no
Brachy!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaahhhh, I can't wait. he's my favorite monster!
hey I'm back just real quick. Well lets get the bad news put of the way first... Slime got nerfed the puddles he makes are smaller and it seems like he has to lick his arms more often maybe his slime "runs out quicker" whatever that means, he as also lost the ability to use the underground explosion move from what we saw, and I'm not sure on this one as i haven't played a old world game in ages but i swear he's smaller then before i don't know that might just be me. Anyway the good news we got some good stuff here... His overall speed seems to slightly increase many of his attacks do combo into each other more, his slime attacks might do more damage but i don't know on that, anyways his looks i guess look shinier... that's not useful however, back on point now he also seems to be almost canonically stronger like in his fight with azure rathalos he does the deviljho slam now so that's cool. Thats really about it now just wanted to say that stuff because brachydios is amazing and cool, that's it... oh one more thing tho... The water god as risen from the depts... also glav great sword...
Sorry I got lazy with everything.
if this***** didn't make sense... what i was trying to say is brach is NERFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!
i've seen him done 2 different types of underground explosion though
What do you mean oh no brachydios if a cool monster a t-Rex the punched stuff and it explodes
I am severely disappointed in this game. The fight with Brachy, is the best I've ever had, however. This does not excuse the worthless attempt at weapon design. He loses 2 of his weapon trees, and may I ask; HOW IS IT ACCEPTABLE TO CHANGE THE GUNLANCE FROM OME MADE OF HIS TAIL AND BACK SPINES, TO A BONE ONE WITH MAYBE A SCALE GLUED TO IT.
Sigh. That's extremely disappointing to hear. What thoughts go through the minds of the guys at Capcom when they make these decisions? Every MH player on the planet has been saying "I hope they fix all the weapons in Iceborne, maybe once they're fully upgraded they'll look good." But that just won't happen, will it? Takes a bit too much effort.
Gunlance is easymode
It shouldn't take that much effort, they have the base designs from the older games, make it look more 3D, it truly is unacceptable. And not just for Punch Daddy, most of the returning monsters. They really screwed over SA mains because most of them are just metal/bone with monster slapped on.
>monster that is basically a Greatsword*****ty metal Greatsword design >Monster that basically is a gunlance*****ty gunlance, great Greatsword. What a ***** Capcom?
It's because of the mind set of Japanese Developers towards western markets - a lot of them think that they have to make games more "friendly for a western audience", which means things get simplified or dumbed down, because they believe that western folk (mostly Americans) like things that are simple and easy - which to be fair, is all you see when you look at American media. So blame media for making Japanese developers believe all westerners are thick as ***** and easily amused with basic trash.
While they have the older designs, they're in a different engine that doesn't readily translate into MHW's engine (because Monster Hunter has been using mostly the same engine it's entire run), so any weapon models have to be made from the ground up. The weapon classes that have more dynamic models, such as Gunlance, Switch Axe, and Charge Blade get the short end of the stick here, since the amount of effort it takes to create their complex, moving models means that they get fewer weapons that aren't just monster parts glued to a generic bone or iron base. Future games using this engine should have an easier time making every weapon unique, since they already have many unique models they can reuse from this game.
Looks pretty cool to me.
Brachydios officially most annoying monster for Lance.
get full blast resistance and he aint that bad.
lmao blast res makes him B-tier for lance
I have important news! In the Information for the MR Brachydios Special Arena, it says "He's looking for some chump called "Doodle."" Just thought I should point this out, it's a nice little nod.
dang we gotta fight for the guildmarms love lol


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