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By Anonymous
After finishing a new run on Hard difficulty (aka. not new game plus) with 100% map completion, I got a slightly different good ending. The good ending that I've seen twice now has a wide shot of Miriam and Johannes talking then walking off without a change in camera perspective (with Zangetsu appearing at the fringes with the right resolution). However, the ending I just got showed a zoom-in of Miriam removing the Zangetsuto, striking it into the ground, then the camera shifts to show the backs of Miriam and Johannes walking away. In the next shot, the Zangetsuto is gone (I'm theorizing that Zangetsu took up arms again, but you don't see him picking it up). Then the credits start to play. What's interesting is that on my new game plus run on Hard difficulty, this ending didn't play. Did anyone get something similar in previous runs or is it from a recent patch I wasn't aware of? I haven't tried my hand at a Nightmare run yet, so maybe the ending changes slightly with that as well.
By darkly77
I got the second ending you described after finishing NG (i.e. not NG+) on normal difficulty. I heard the ending was updated in patch 1.04. It's not mentioned in the official patch notes though, so this is just conjecture.
By Anonymous
Well I play at 1080p but I didnt saw Zangetsu. However I saw empty screen showing place where Zangetsuto were probably pushed into the ground and I can see weak shade on the wall. Mine thoughts were "what an subtle way to tell us that Zangetsu did survived, well given that he sunk into the ground earlier I were suspecting his survival even before that but it was still nie to see this shadow" It were mine 1st game Normal no NG+. I'll probably take break from B:RotN and wait for Zangetsu patch. I cant wait to play him.
By Anonymous
shouldnt step 1 of usurper be about collecting bloodsteal from bloodless? craftwork is unmissable and aside from getting into the oriental lab its not really used much at that point
By Anonymous
failed to mention that you need to attack gebel multiple times before the moon turns red and becomes hittable