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By Burvjradzite
I manage to hit level 17 in the Reaper's Coast, and that even without a lamp quest.
By Anonymous
that is about average if you are thorough. after the ship fight to act 2 (where u fight off dallis) i normally reach level 10 or close to 10.
By Anonymous
Man how min max you have to be to reach lv 10 after dallis. I did literally every quest and kill half of the trader on fort joy and still only lv8
By Anonymous
Obviously you missed stuff
By Anonymous
there are so many tricks you can use to squeeze XP in the first act. For instance, killing the burning pigs immediately after blessing them. Except for the last one.
By Anonymous
The thin yellow bar at the very bottom of the screen is your XP progress to the next level. You can also see your XP number in the Character Sheet.
By Anonymous
A fun thing could be to get so few XP on the ship, so you are still level 1 when you wake up on the beach. Avoid all fight or event which give you xp, untill you have recruited your other 3 teams, since they will still also be lvl 1 and you will then can decide there skills upgrade from lvl 1 and not just from lvl 2. It can make a difference, especially on the Civil Abilities. To enter Fort Joy Ghetto before Dallas and Alexandras kill Magister Atusa, use the latter on the right.
By Anonymous
yea lets just miss out on tasty exp on the ship why wont we?
By Anonymous
I thought you could respec as much as you want after escaping for joy
By Anonymous
Yes you can respec as much as you want after escaping Fort Joy, BUT that could take you up to 100 hours if you're a completionist or easily 30ish just to get enough done & looted to safely leave the island and be ready for the next act.
By Anonymous
I do this on Honour runs, and confirm it's great.

You can skip killing/xp outside of voidwoken and the 2 wounded magistri in the locked room, which should bring you 100 xp from lv.2 (missing out on dangerously grinding about 1k, which you'll not regret later on).

This allows you to go around Dallis, recruit, and then enter the arena in order to have more control over your crucial second civic point and early stats in small party solo runs.
By Anonymous
Guys, se a gente recruta um personagem de origem, eventualmente eles vão sair da equipe para traçar sua própria história?
By Anonymous
Mas que merda de pergunta.
Não, as histórias de origem são feitas com eles na party, como se fossem quests secundárias, mas muitos tem histórias que se entrelaçam com a Main Quest.
By Anonymous
Hey, just left Reaper’s coast at level 16, but didn’t get any exp, nor when arriving at the Nameless isle. How can that be?
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By eolsunder
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mm anyone know if the classic version of the game distributes the same? I know many things changed with the DE edition, nerfing experience in some areas to keep max experience down. I've never played the original classic version but how does the experience max level stack up in that. In the DE edition max you'll have like 20-21 million experience so level 22, but any one playing the original classic version have any info on THAT experience max levels, etc.
By pnutmnms
Level 35!? Is that pre-DE? The most I've ever ended the game with is ~level 22. Even then I'm already way OP
By Anonymous
Level 22 is the most you can reach in the game without mods. Which is to soy, there is not enough EXP in the game to go beyond 22. Unless you use mods.