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By Anonymous
hi, how to get this quest ? thx
By Anonymous
>This is an optional quest that appears after you finished the assignment A Colossal Task, and allows you to farm for Zorah Magdaros materials. It appears randomly after you completed any quest or investigation (more often the higher your rank). You will however get a note that the quest is available. It says how you get it. However, you don't need this quest at all right now, the event quest "Gaze Upon the Dawn" will be freely available to do over and over until the end of August. You get Commendations for doing this version of it and more money. There's no other differences... it's just a free grind for ZM parts.
By Anonymous
It has a chance of appearing. Higher Hunter Rank increases the chances.
By Anonymous
Im not 100% here but there might be a bug with this quest in Iceborn. I have been trying to get this quest for 4 days now. The two other timed quest do appear but this one just wont show up.
By Anonymous
Same to me I have been trying to complete all the missions and this one does not appear at all
By Anonymous
You probably have an active special investigation. This happened to me when investigating nerg
By Anonymous
Same man. Been tring for 3 days now. Xeno and Shara show up but this one doesn't. I dunno what is wrong with it. Please help.me god
By Anonymous
If you SOS for the missions you might get lucky thats how I did it The mission would not show so I got it by joining another player
By Anonymous
I ****ing hate this quest and this game. I finished the Iceborne dlc a few days ago and have been trying to get the Black Tornaria. I need Zorah Magdaros parts to get it. But this damn quest won't show up! No matter what I do! The Xeno and Shara quests show up easily but this one? Nope. There definitely was a bag that stopped it from appearing in Iceborne. I didn't encounter this problem in World. This is weird man. Am disappointed so much right now. Goddamn **** this quest oh lord allah hu akbar
By Anonymous
It's shows up in a rotation in high rank. After a few quests it will show up for 2 quests and then it restarts.
By Anonymous
Sometimes gamedesigners make such unbelievably dumb decisions, it's just puzzling how such a decision could've been made.
Imagine you have an obviously underdeveloped quest. Cores, which you should destroy, but actually no, that does nothing to Zora, Nergigante, who every NPC tells you is to deal with, it's very important, but no, it literally just doing nothing and then flies away on its own, only player can fire cannons in this world. 0 challenge, 0 replayability, 0 sense in everything.

Maybe you think it's ok, after all, game isn't about the story, why put to much effort into it?
And them you make it replayable. And then you also make some rewards chance-based, and make that chance very low. And make a lot of items require items that drop from it. So even if a player wants 1 item ther are forced to complete this walking several times, listening to the same epic NPC dialoges, reminding to themself how much of a wasted potential this quest is, and how **** this game is.
By Anonymous
Is completing the random appearance quests required for completing all the optionals?