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By Anonymous
I love this shield
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By minespatch
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Basically baby eagle shield before Dark Souls. Can't wait to use it.
By Anonymous
F*ck yeah, looks so good in the remake
By blissdemon
HP regen is incredibly useful in demon souls
By Anonymous
Wrong description
By Anonymous
the drawing in the original had way more flavour, it looked like an old painting, rhis just llook like good concept art
By Anonymous
Nope, it actually looks great in the remake. The did a fantastic job of recreating the art on the shield to be of higher quality, while still looking like the respective art.
By Anonymous
do you need to level anything to make it regen your health?
By Anonymous
It's in the table above. +0 adjudicators regens 2hp/sec. +1 adjudicators regens 3hp/sec. etc.
By officegossip
Shield is too big and covers my character. FashionSouls > HP regen.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Yep, I know I'll always have a subpar regen, because fashion always over function
By Anonymous
Just found out this shield was inspired by a pavise, a portable wall shield that archers and crossbowmen used in medieval times.
Alright! I don't use shields but I'm doing this for my archer character.
By Anonymous
This maxed out plus regen ring gives you 11 regen a second which is ridiculous for a two gander build