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I’ve played Dark Souls 3 a few years back and I remember there being a hostile NPC towards the end of the game who was a human female priest of some sort, wielding a scythe (or some other long melee weapon), casting frequent lightning attacks at me. She was wearing light armor, probably a robe and it was light colored. She had her own monologue during the fight, she was voice acted. She wasn’t a boss, nor a mini boss, nor an NPC invader. She attacked me instantly when I approached her. I only played the standard Dark Souls 3 game, not the DLCs. If I recall correctly I might have encountered her in Profaned Capital or a location similar to it. I think It was after a boss fight towards the very end of the game. I looked literally everywhere and found no signs of her existence so I might have gone crazy. Please help identify this enemy for me.


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sounds a bit like sirris, but not all of it matches your description.
Check her out on wiki or youtube and see if it might have been her.
i dont think she attacks you though if you dont attack her first, but there are instances where you fight together. Wasnt at profaned capital either... so its probably not her XD but her questline has various ways to go about, and i could have simply missed the outcome you dexcribed...
otherwise she matches the description of feamle priest with a long melee weapon.


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The only female NPC who fits this description is Shira. She can be encountered at the very end of the Ringed City DLC, before you fight Gael. She wields a halberd (scythe-like, its the Crucifix of the Mad King), has lightning attacks (Lightning Arrow), wears light armor / robes (Shira set), is light colored, stands in a Profaned Capital-ish location (meh) and has a dialogue before and during the fight. The only thing that holds against my assumption is that you didnt play the DLC. Do you have the Fire Fades (GotY) Edition? Because if so you might not be able to tell the difference between main game and DLC. The description you made fits so perfectly for her.

Edit: She also doesnt appear as a Dark Spirit (red colored)


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Sounds like Shira, dude