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What is this?
Something few asked for most likely.
Coral pukei-pukei is going to be a stupid and pointless fight
i can agree, so far he just seems like all you need to do is spam flash as he's in the air like 90% more
Seems like we got some idiots here bois
Watch out for its water attacks, they really suck. If it's going to shoot from its mouth, stay clear, because the water ends up splitting and sweeping the front of it. The water jet from its tail is no joke, either.
I didn't think this was too bad of a hunt. Coral Pukei Pukei definitely spams the water bombs, but overall it was a decent fight. Don't see what the negativity is all about. Variety is the spice of life.
It was a cakewalk with SnS :O he only hit me once :3
Any tricks to severing the tail? I just dedicated an entire 13 minute hunt to it and even with some Partbreaker and a R10 Ice GS it took absolutely forever to cut.
Tbh it's really just resilient as all hell, I focused 90% of my attacks (charge blade) onto it and managed to cut it about halfway through
I've spent half the day looking for what triggers it and found it. if you are still playing the game, it requires ou to get pukei under 35% health. In case you ll play the pc version you ll have the knowledge


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If you quest for this thing and Banbaro is in the zone with you. Be sure to bring dung pods. There's no turf war, but because this stupid thing 360's his watery diarrhea all over the place, if Banbaro shows up, he'll get hit, Pukei will peace out because he's a little *****, and leave you with Moose-face's aggro.
The tail appears to only able to be cut after a certain percentage of health. To find this out I did two runs, one I focused almost exclusively on the tail and a second where I ignored it until he was starting to limp. In the first run the tail didn't fall off for almost the entire hunt and after it did he started limping. The second run as soon as I noticed him limping I started attacking the tail and it fell off much faster than the first run
I can corroborate this: ran him with GL and barely bothered to hit the tail, going for head and wings, by the time he was exhausted the tail came off with a single vertical slice using part breaker 2.
SO THATS WHY! *****ING HELL!! well now i know i will focus on other parts until he is down for the count
I believe the tail also gives you a red extract when targeted with a kinsect.