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By Anonymous
wish it could be found in elders recess...but its prolly just nostalgia or smth speaking from me after everytime i came home from school the first thing i did was fighting this monsters normal ver.
By Anonymous
nothing wrong with this monster just a lot of fun and good design well executed absolut perfection.
By Anonymous
this (especially tempered) is the challenge I expected and ended up wanting from high rank Nergigante; awesome, awesome fight
By Anonymous
ok to be fair it's not the hardest thing in the world but the point is if this was the moveset I was going against in high rank with my high rank skill level it would've been crazy
the real hardship is in bringing yourself to kill something so cool yet so weirdly cute
By Anonymous
Favourite Elder Dragon fight by far ... since most of them are ******* anyway

Hits hard, hits fast and no gimmick mechanic or nuke (but i do miss that super bodyslam of regular Nergi)

Just you and Nergi having a good old martial focused brawl with each other

Ode to Destruction mission seems pretty rewarding too

But i admit, i find it amusing how after we learned Nergi plays a crucial part of the eco system, keeping anomalies like Xeno or Shara in check or in general just being a clean up janitor like many irl animals, the commission decide you have to hunt him down anyway

I guess **** nature lol
By Anonymous
Yea I love that in the "ending" cutscene theyre talking about how important nergigante is and that it will take care of threats that could destroy the entire eco system.Then 3 seconds after theyre done talking about it they realise that theres nothing else to do so they just make you hunt it anyway.
By Anonymous
I can tell you fought him with a ranged weapon, since in melee he's by far the most broken elder in the game with how much his model and attack animations don't match the hitbox. Ode to Destruction is actually ball crushing on anything melee that isn't a lance.
By Anonymous
I absolutely suck at fighting nergi but I figured out how to cheese it. I took one rank of agitator (challenger). I just wallbanged him for some free hits, then when he enraged farcasted out of there. I waited out of combat until my agitator attack buff disappeared.. then repeat. The "trick" was mostly just wallbanging him for free hits then running away until he calmed down enough to wallbang him again, but I still attacked him a bit (not much) when he was busy with my palico, and towards the end of the fight when I finally hurt him enough to topple him. The whole fight took about 35mins with zero deaths (I usually die ALL THE TIME).
By Anonymous
dude is this fun for you? if it's not fun, it's fine to just not play the game, not everything is for you
By Anonymous
people actually have hard time beating ruiner? holy **** lol
By Anonymous
God i ****ing hate nergigante
only enemy ive ever had a problem with
By Anonymous
What should I do to defeat the nergigante at level 196 should I wait until im a higher level or go for it.
By Anonymous
If by leveling you mean increasing your Hunter/Master rank, it does not increase your damage output. Try making a build that deals more damage if you aren't beating him fast enough or helps you survive if you keep dying. Practicing the fight also helps a ton, so don't let it get your hopes down. Sorry for the late reply.
By Anonymous
Leveling wont do anything, just practice the fight and fix up your build to help you deal damage or survive.
By Anonymous
He's easy. just wallbang and if he is enraged blind him.
By Anonymous
I cant deafet the hergigante I died so much times and Im level 196 should I level up higher to battle it or just go for it?
By Anonymous
Try gunlances with Guard 5 and Guard up. You should have no problem with blocking most Nergi attacks.
By Anonymous
Should be mentioned in combat info that every time it roars, it gains a permanent additive 4% increase to its overall speed
By Anonymous
Even though I Killed a good amount of ruined nergs it's still a pain to fight this thing.

Every time I fight it and it's usually a tempered one it does that move where it turns and hits faster than I can blink, smacks me into the ground finishes it's combo.... Aaand when I'm up it spams it again.... Aaand guess what? it does it again.

Not to mention it's practically enraged 24/7.

This is from my experience: Kushala, Kirin, Lunastra Even furious Rajang are not nearly this annoying.
By Anonymous
Tempered is not only just hits harder, he is faster, he enrages easily, and does have slightly more HP than regular ruiners.
By Anonymous
Furious Rajang is actually the most enjoyable fight out of endgame monsters, cuz devs actually went and aligned his hitbox properly, unlike the other 60% of the monsters.
By Anonymous
Funny angry monkey beats it in a turf war
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