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I only got nergigante to spawn in the guiding lands when I got a region to level 7 not level 5.


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You only need to get the region to level 5, but you also need to be MR 100, which might have made it look like you needed region level 7, because you unlock both at MR 100.
The new master rank Ruiner Nergi weapons are absolutely amazing, both in design and in damage. 10/10
How the ***** are you meant to get Hardclaws? Do you have to break the metal spikes then break his forelimbs after or are the metal spikes the forelimb break? Also his *****ING wings keep getting in the way.
He sometimes drops them as the little shiny things, that you've more then likely seen occasionally when fighting other monsters. Breaking his forelegs should be just breaking the spikes, that's all that broke for me when I fought him in the Guiding Lands and I got them. As for dealing with the attack where he pushes you away with his wings, when he gets ready to shove you away with them try and get right underneath him, I was safe there from it. Hope this
What weapons do I use so his armor ablility can work??
Easier then I expected, I love my boy nergi but for the most part Vaal weapons seem just generally better to me and his armor isn’t that great. For what is essentially the True final boss of iceborne he doesn’t really feel as hard as he should be and while his gear does look great, it doesn’t seem great to me. :/ ah well, I love nergi all the same
this is what happens when you hunt nergigante for those precious gems too many times
Ruiner is a 10x more better nergigante
Ruiner is a better fight compared to the bullshet that is Arch Tempered Nergigante. That Arch Tempered Nerg unannounced dive kills me every single time in stage 3, to the point I had to use farcaster quite liberally to avoid that bullshet back then.
Weaknergi should be his name, AT was at least challenging and forced you to learn it's patterns. This one you just go in and kill it with no fuss
I think your issue here is that, RN shares some moves and extends some of nergs attacks and therefore there isn't much more to learn than AT nerg could teach you. All you're saying is that you're disappointed you had to learn to dodge a few new moves and move a little differently. Imagine how hard ruiner would be if you never fought nerg.
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All I'm saying is the fight isn't fun because of how easy the fight, even more so than the Nergi fight was back in HR. AT Nerg was really fun
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