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Why won't anyone talk about this new monster there has only been one video on it and it makes me believe they don't want to let people know it exists.
because leaks, they never intended to release all this info like this.
Because, where’s the fun in knowing everything before launch?
*****in leakers.
This eminates a menacing aura
hopefully since Nergigante got a new subspecies, I hope vape hazak gets a subspecies as well. And please not wind type, its making me remembers AT kushala... damn that is such pain to fight.
Ah yes Vape hazak, he lives in the Rotten Vape
This may not be a subspecies, I’m thinking it’s a variant.



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There's Blackveil Vaal Hazak.
This is a variant not a subspecies
Nergigante was the true hero ... we are the monnsters :(
Ruined Nerg's spike shot causes bleed now.
I found this out by first hand experience and it sucked
Just saying, those first carves when you beat it that one time are bull*****lol.
They're meant to be. It's a fake fight, not a real one. What, you want real ruiner items for beating a 15 min punching bag? Get out pleb.
bro let me tell you how much of a pleb they are lol omg bro....
get a load of this pleb
and the angry boi is the true hero lol
Nergi is the true hero.
Nergi is a kill stealer.
The name isn't "ruiner" for no reason.


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He is basicaly an overgrown louse but yeah... He's cool.